Stripes: Week 1 Recap Day 7

This 30 for 30 Challenge is proving to be more difficult than either of us expected. Here’s my list of the 3 worst and best outcomes of our first week in the challenge.

The Worst:

3. It’s hard thinking of things to say in my daily blog posts.

2. I miss being able to wear whatever I want, when I want, for how long I want. I have mono right now (more pictures on that later…we’ve collected quite a few Stripes is dying pictures in the last week or two) and because of that I haven’t really been feeling up to taking pictures everyday and looking presentable every day. If I had my way, I would be wearing sweats all day everyday so I could easily go from having to be alert and active to nap time as fast as my body wants me to.

1. I miss my clothes! I realize I picked my “most stylish” clothes to bring with me into the challenge, but I really miss the freedom of being able to wear jeans and a t-shirt whenever I please and rewear the same outfit three times in one month. It’s killing me, seeing all my old clothes in old pictures and hanging in my closet taunting me.

The Best:

3. I’ve been getting more complements on my appearance.

2. Despite having mono I haven’t looked like an utter slob.

1. I’m getting much more adventurous with my pairings and accessories (a tie a few days ago?! yeah I’d say so!).

The Outfit:

Sweater: H&M

Dress: A&E

Belt: Charlotte Rousse

Shoes: Lucky Brand

Earrings: Lucky Brand

Anyone else limited their closets for fun before? How did you do? Did you make it a month?


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