Stripes: Channeling the First Lady Day 6

Every time I wear this J. Crew shirt, I feel like I am channelling a little Michelle Obama. While Barrak was running for president, everyone made a huge deal about how Michelle is just like “us”. She buys her clothes from J. Crew, she works out, she strives to be a good person. And the whole time I was like, “Who actually wears J. Crew? I don’t have $80 to drop on a blouse!”. Granted it was my first year in college and 90% of my clothes were t-shirts from activities I did in high school and cheap denim from various store (read: not The Gap). The idea of ever spending more than $50 on pants or $20 on a shirt was unfathomable and excessive.

Flash forward 5 years, I wear exclusively Gap jeans (when I find something that works I stick with it till the end! I am brand loyal in an almost disgusting way. But it’s seriously worth the increase in relative sanity that comes from only having to try on 1-3 pairs of jeans versus the average 10-15 anywhere else) and J. Crew shirts. While I pay full price for my jeans (I recently ripped a pair and have to save up to buy a replacement…Gap rised their prices and it’s hitting the college crowd particularly hard!) you bet I did the happy dance to top all happy dances when I found this J. Crew shirt in a thrift store for a whopping $5 a couple months ago. I’ve never worn a button down that fits as well as this shirt and if I could, I would buy like 10 of them and where them everywhere all the time (but seriously, I can’t afford button downs that cost more than my jeans…my minimun wage budget gets me minimum wage clothes). Now I see why Michelle Obama wears this stuff…it rocks! And this one shirt gives me a peek into the elusive world of high quality business clothes that I am so anxious to wear in the coming years.


Shirt: J. Crew (thrifted)

Jeans: The Gap (where else?)

Shoes: Lucky Brand

Anyone else have amazing thrift store finds? What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever thrifted? Anyone else love J. Crew or (more importantly) The Gap?

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