Sequins’ 30 for 30 Picks

Hey guys! So sorry it took so long for us to get the posts of our choices up, it’s totally my fault! I had this brilliantly elaborate vision where I would draw all of our picks individually. And I did, but it took longer than I anticipated. Without further ado, here are my choices!

1 Gap, Thrifted 2 Sojourner 3 Nordstroms 4Thrifted Handmade

1 Thrifted 2 out of business Canadian shop 3 Thrifted 4 F21 Thrifted

1 Thrifted, 2 Sojourner 3 Sojourner 4 Thrifted

1 previous my sister's 2 Thrifted 3 H&M Thrifted 4 Handmade (by me!)

1 Sojouner 2 H&M 3 Thrifted 4 Thrifted

1 Sechelles 2 Soda 3 Modcloth 4 Mi Shoes 5 Thrifted 6 Clarks


3 responses to “Sequins’ 30 for 30 Picks

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  2. Love that you drew these.. worth the time.

    • Thanks. It was a way more epic project than I initially anticipated, so its worthiness was in question quite a bit… I hope it paid off, though, because it ended up being a really fun exercise.

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