Sequins 30 for 30: Bold Move

This entire outfit is a shout-out to fashion blogger Sammie Slash. Her and I had a whole exchange after I saw these amazing blue pants she wore about how much I love the shorts I have in the same color (I showed them off on this post, but let’s all just agree that it was a bad styling and move on with our lives, kay?), and how I wasn’t quite brave enough to wear them to work. She goaded, gently, and apparently it stuck more than I thought–because guess who wore her cobalt blue trouser shorts to work! Woot, this girl! The lesson to be learned here, people? Peer pressure works.

Shirt & Jacket: Thrifted, Shorts: H&M, Shoes: Soda

*Oh hey, also? There’s this thing? Yeah so I decided to kick off this separate, year-long project on my birthday, and you can see what I’m up to over here, at my (new) personal projects blog, Like A Small Fire. If that’s your kind of thing. 


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