Sequins 30 for 30: Birthday Dress!

It’s kind of (really really) fun to kick off our 30 for 30 project in April, because my birthday is today! Yay April Fool’s Day! (Just in case you don’t believe me, I’ve included proof).

My first outfit for the 30-for-30 adventure is a really pretty (vintage??) dress I picked up at a thrift store. I loved it, but knew the length was too long. I had every intention of trimming it, but I wanted before pictures first. I styled myself up, grabbed Monsieur and the camera, and we went outside to grab a couple shots. I took one look and fell in love–it’s the perfect length already, I thought! I don’t want to cut it, I thought! It’s so perfect, I thought!

It’s true–but only if I’m willing to wear heels with it. Which, I’m not, I thought. So I grabbed the scissors, and we have this…

Dress & Sweater: Thrifted, Shoes: Mi Shoes

The shoes are my last indulgence before the self-imposed austerity from our 30-for-30 challenge. My coworkers gave me a very thoughtful gift card to my favorite shoe store, and I’ve been eyeing these every since Modcloth did a post about them. They’re so gorgeous! I’m in love. My sister came to town and we had a really fabulous day poking around in the local antique stores and shoe shopping. I found these and she found beautiful white lacey heels for her wedding reception.

Here's the original version of the dress. PS don't you love my white tights? Oh, right--those are just my legs. My pale, pale legs.


2 responses to “Sequins 30 for 30: Birthday Dress!

  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Love the dress and I “lol”ed at the pale legs comment.

    • Haha thanks! It was a pretty great birthday. And hey, what can I say? Pale white legs are definitely a sign of living in the northwest!

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