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Stripes: It’s Day 30! Thank God

It’s finally here!!! DAY 30! Wooooo! I am beyond excited to get back into the rest of my clothes and get back on a 3 a week posting schedule. II thought it would be really fun to do a retrospective look at all my outfits for the last 30 days to celebrate the end of this project.

And now you have my last outfit of the challenge:

Sweater: H&M

Dress: A&E

Leggings: Loft Outlet

Boots: Rocket Dog

Can i just say that I am glad to put this challenge behind me and wear some new clothes?!

Sequins 30 for 30: And I’m Finished!

Okay because I really want to be done with this, I tacked on the sketched versions of the two outfits I forgot to take pictures of. Come May, I can start showing off my non-30 for 30 clothes!

So this has been fun–it’s been a bit harder than anticipated (mostly at the end, when I couldn’t quite remember what I had already worn), but mostly just a ton of fun. Full of fun and learning. Some things I’ve learned include: I love my red polka dot dress. Love. Love. Love. I can rock a mint green midi skirt much better than originally anticipated. How to tie a blogger knot on my belt. How boring most of my shoe collection is. How much I’ve enjoyed having watercolor illustrations of all my clothing.

A month of (mostly) no shopping has also been hard. Less fun. But it, too, has taught me quite a bit. Namely, it’s taught me that I want a denim jacket. Oh, wait, it’s the fashion blogger world who taught me that. Still, it was learned during the Great 30 for 30 Era.

I’ve also learned about these amazing black flats that I have every intention of buying May 1st, because the black flats I’ve included in my 30 for 30 are officially on their last breath. I think the Challenge was their Swan Song, because they’re goners. And, after getting five years of almost daily wear out of a $15 pair of flats, I’ll call that a pretty good run!

Mostly, though, I’ve learned that 30 articles of clothing is actually a healthy (albeit lean) amount of clothing to own. It’s maybe a fifth of my whole wardrobe, so I’m being a complete hypocrite, but honestly? I remixed and restyled most of my outfits without ever feeling like I was really struggling. Especially if you take into consideration the fact that I was not repeating combinations at all, which is something that most people would do in their everyday lives.

I definitely miss my clothes, though, so don’t expect me to slim down my closet anytime soon!

Sequins & Stripes: A Sunday Adventure Day 29

Early* this morning Sequins, Stripes and our good friend Plaid all piled into the car and headed over to the Skagit Valley Yearly Tulip Festival to look at some flowers, have some lady bonding time, and take a bajillion pictures. Also, side note, Sequins definitely drove us home. Because she’s awesome like that. Check out some of our pictures! The titles, if you hover over them, will tell you which one of us took it. Enjoy!

This is what happens when I don't remember I zoomed my camera in to take the previous shot!

Sequins Outfit:

Shirt: Sojourner/ Vest Scarf & Shoes: Thrifted/ Shoes: H&M/ TIghts: Gift

Stripes’ Outfit:

Shirt: Target/ Jeans: Gap/ Shoes: Toms/ Sweatshirt: Aerie/ Coat: The North Face (seriously awesome raincoat….if you’re in the market for one, this one is great!)


*So only two of us (*cough cough* Stripes and Plaid) thought 8 am was early…Our lovely Sequins is much more adjusted to such grown up hours and was bright eyed and fully awake by that point in the morning. The other two of us needed some more wake up time and coffee.

Sequins 30 for 30 Hello Weekend

Hello weekend. It’s so good to see you. Like, so so good.
Hello new haircuts, and hello beer tasting fundraising event. Hello crazy brick walls and bows in my hair.

Hello coffee dates with my favorite guy ever, and hello finishing up two books, both incredibly different from each other but incredibly good in their own right. Hello to the books I’m excited to start working on.

Hello working plumbing (yay!) and hello cheating on my 30 for 30 picks (wait till you see my shoes. In my defense, this month was really the swan song for my black plaid shoes. The fabric connecting to the sole has several inch-long rips, and the shoes are goners. Today’s were my insta-replacements. Pulled from my own wardrobe.)

Hello new nailpolish, applied today (and it’s already chipped because I’m an impatient person). It’s called “Chinchilly” by Essie, and the name makes me giggle every time.

Hello Monsieur, playing the guitar in the background while I write this post.

Sweater: H&M/ Shirt: Nordstroms/ Tank: Target/ Skirt: 36 Point 5/ Necklace & Shoes: Thrifted

Oh and lastly? Hello to theft, as I steal Lisa Leonard’s Hello format because I’m too lazy to write a real post today. Hello to a mild case of blogger-burnout from daily posting this month, and hello to a fun day ahead of me!

Stripes: New Music Time Day 28

My travels this week gave me tons of car singing time and lots of Seattle radio station reception which means I have some new favorite songs to share with everyone!


Sweater: H&M

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: Lucky Brand

What’s everyone else listening to?

Sequins 30 for 30 The Morning Off

Okay so it isn’t until I’ve written this entire post that I realized… I never posted anything yesterday! Woops! You’d think someone would remind me at some point… It’s because yesterday was a crazy busy 12-hour work day. Which is very different from the 12-hour school days I remember, where random hour breaks could be scattered. No, it was a hectic, exhausting, running-around-filled day where I had exactly one hour off between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM.

I remember coming home in a total spacy blur and mumbling to Monsieur as I walked past him and towards the fridge. He was trailing behind, making some kind of ball-park-range-appropriate responses to whatever exhausted spew was coming out of my mouth. I grabbed a bottle of wine, turned to grab a glass and he was standing right there.

With an empty clean glass.

God that man is a good find.

But anyway….I survived! Better believe I’m celebrating Friday–the Friday where I’ve successfully SURVIVED the twelve hour day of Thursday.

Friday is a half day, full of sleeping in and coercing Monsieur into cooking breakfast* for me. There was video game playing (I’ve now made it to the third Spyro, and I’m as addicted as ever), as well as art projects. Lots of art projects. As in, I’m making no promises, but I already have over 60 articles of clothing (not counting my 30 for 30 picks) sketched out.

Oh, and there might have been a hair cut yesterday…. Like I said, I had exactly one hour. Turns out hair cuts only take up like 45 minutes! This was the kind where lots of hairs were cut. And they were cut quite a bit. Are you ready for this?

Holy crapballs, yo’! It feels so good I can’t hardly stand it! I am going to pop back in (hopefully today) to have them take a bit more off the sides and back, but yeah. Having this hairstyle back feels amazing, and will be perfect for summer! And yes, it’s definitely a mohawk. My compromise with working in an office is styling it down during work, but oh yeah. There’s almost nothing on the sides or in the back. I love love love it!

Also, though, it’s definitely time to get back into the habit of wearing eyeliner, since I’ve found that’s one of the best ways to keep feeling feminine when you chop all your locks off. It probably wouldn’t hurt to add make up in general back into my regiment (you guys must have noticed how very rarely I wear it. I’m definitely not wearing any in these photos!).

Anyway this post isn’t too long. Most of my long, lazy morning off has been coordinating with our landlord to get our cold water pipe fixed. Since it’s leaking enough to flood the bathroom in under ten minutes.

Yeah… Not fun times! Fortunately we have gym memberships, so we can shower there. Oh yeah, my life is so glamorous sometimes.

Sweater: Target/ Camisole: Sojourner/ Pants: Thrifted H&M/ Scarf: Thrifted/ Shoes: Modcloth

*Cooking breakfast turned into “buying me bananas and then driving to our favorite donut shop for breakfast. He did make lunch, though, and lunch was full of breakfast foods, so I’ll count it as a win!

Stripes: Car Singing Day 27

Here’s the post I promised yesterday. I really did not intend to do more than a little blurb about the concert and say it was fun and stuff but Coldplay really blew me away so yeah, they got their own post.

Here are the facts about my driving habits for the last 5 years:

-I’ve been in college for 5 years at the same school.

-My family (and I mean my whole immediate family and at least half of my extended family) all lives around the Seattle area either in the city itself or in the various suburbs dotting the map around the epicenter.

-I did a distance relationship with someone who lived in Seattle while I was in college.

-I am adventurous (sometimes, anyways) and love to get out of our little college town to do cool things.

Because of all of this I have driven between Seattle and my college town about 100 times…and if you’re counting there are 2 ways each time and each way takes about 2 hours. In other words, I’ve spent a lot of time driving over the last few years. I was originally going to post about all the things I do while I drive that I think are kind of weird (cause I do a lot of weird stuff when trapped in a car alone) but when I started the section on car singing I realized I had way more material than necessary for a blog post so instead I decided to focus on my favorite (and most ritualized and obsessive) part of driving: Car Singing.

Car Singing, my friends, is an art form that I have developed over years and years of ridding in cars. I no longer do the whole half hearted, kind of singing along, easy to pretend I am on bluetooth in case that old man creeper in the next car looks in my window. No. I car sing like I am on American Idol and this is my last chance to prove I deserve to make it to the final episode.

For long trips, like the one home, I have started doing vocal warm ups (and cursing the fact that you can’t stand while singing in the car causing your breath support to suck and making those high notes in ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ nearly impossible to hit with a full voice). These warm ups accomplish two helpful things:

1. Protect your voice from damage. Let’s face it, unless I’m really tired or emotionally drained, I’m going to be singing the whole time I’m in the car. I am a marathon singer when need be and I don’t want vocal fatigue to kill it for me (and I want to be able to talk the next day…especially helpful for when you’re planning a long drive the next day so you can pick up where you left off and sing more).

2. Helps you to hit those notes like a pro. I would totally recommend some sort of warm ups so you can activate your vocal chords and gain more control over your sound. You’re going to sound 1000000x more like Whitney Huston/BSB/Lady GaGa if you can control your voice and know it’s limits.

The next step is your music selection. I usually start off on my iPod which requires some prep work in the form of an awesome playlist. I don’t mean to sound super conceited but I make awesome playlists and I think it makes or breaks the car singing experience. I have a play list of fast, dance music (think Beyonce, Lady GaGa, Rihanna, N*Sync…I don’t discriminate) another one literally titled ‘Sit on the Porch Mix’ which is all slow, bluegrassy acoustic stuff (think Nickel Creek, Hem, Iron & Wine) and another that is full of music in between these two genres. I also have an a’capella/showtunes mix that I reserve only for my most focused car singing times. I prefer a playlist to just picking an artist (aside from every once in a while when Coldplay or Sufjan Stevens calls me…can’t say no to that) because I like to mix it up. It can get boring singing one person’s stuff and that’s the last thing you want while car singing. I do, also, sometimes change over to the radio to mix things up a little bit and hear some new music…gotta keep it fresh.

After picking music it’s time to sing. I usually like to start off just singing melody but then adding in some bad ass harmonies when I feel the moment is right. It’s also really fun to put on simple music and make up songs/scat/vocally percuss/improv over it.

Now it’s time for the next best part of car singing: CAR DANCING. Oh yes, I took it there. Car choreo is very important because why bother taking all that time and effort to get ready to sing if you’re not really going to get into it? I usually limit myself to hand/arm motions or tapping out cool rhythms when driving for obvious safety reasons but sometimes you just can’t help but shimmy a little. And I say, embrace it. Embrace it good and just let it happen.

I realize that car dancing is the part that makes your awesome car singing less easy to hide form passers by. But you know what? You’re already awesome car singing so who cares? That person only wishes they were as good at car singing as you. So feel free to watch their lame, boring car drive away and sing with peace because you are a million times cooler than they are.

And this final part may just be my own a’capella perfectionism coming through (ok, most of this is my a’capella perfectionism coming through) but I sometimes get super obsessive about a song and will keep singing it over and over until I can nail it in my sleep because practice makes perfect. This includes but is not limited to: the words, correct notes, accurate harmonies, emoting, and proper car singing choreography. Yeah, I have a little OCD when it comes to performing BUT it feels sooooo amazing to sing something perfectly. Totally worth the work but also optional. I realize not everyone is into singing the same song 20 times in a row and that’s ok.

So a quick summary of my car singing routine: Sing healthfully [always, please!], sing proud, and dance your little heart out!

And now for the part you were waiting for, the outfit:

Sweater: Old Navy

Dress: A&E

Leggings: The Loft Outlet


What’s everyone’s favorite car singing songs? I personally am a fan of Somebody I Used to Know by Gotye (so many opportunities to harmonize and add stuff) and Take Care by Drake and Rihanna right now but that’s subject to change. Anyone else break out the car dancing? I’d love to hear what you all do!

Stripes: A Coldplay Update Day 26

Ok, so I was totally planning to do a post about driving from school to Seattle (a drive I have done at least 100 times in the last 5 years) and I had planned it out on the drive BUT last night’s concert was soooooo amazing I’ve decided to through a post about it in here and save the driving post for tomorrow. So here are my concert highlights:

-When everyone first got to the arena, they were given a super dorky bracelet. About 10 minutes for the show started while they were setting up the final instruments and stuff a sign came on telling us to put the bracelets on. And then, when the lights went off, all the bracelets turned on an glowed!! It was like being apart of a giant Christmas tree. They had some sort of computer program that let the bracelets light up on beat and everything. SO COOL.

-Chris Martin smashed a guitar! I’ve never seen anyone do that before so that was pretty awesome.


-And this was the best part. For the encore, the band surprised us by coming into the stand IN MY AISLE! I was 10 feet away from all of Coldplay!!!! I don’t think I’ve ever screamed quite like I did when I realized what was happening, cause they’re only my favorite band, you know, no big deal. And, can I just say, Chris Martin’s arms are uh-mazing?! I actually had noticed them on a close up on one of the screens while playing piano…boy is built! But this was undoubtedly the coolest part of the show! The tech crew even brought up a piano and everything. I still cannot believe that happened and I’m pretty sure I’m still feeling the residual adrenaline.

This is the picture I took of Chris Martin (and his sexy arms) when we was right next to us! He's in the pink!

All in all it was an awesome show! I had a ton of fun and the band did a really good job mixing old stuff and new stuff…they did songs from every album they’ve produced, which I really liked. Now, I just want a private show where they play my perfect set list so they will do all the awesome songs they skipped 😛 A girl can dream!

Also, I realize this shirt breaks the rules, but how do you go to your favorite band’s concert and not get a shirt?!


Shirt: Coldplay Concert

Real Shirt: Target

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: Toms

Anyone else ever seen Coldplay live? What kinds of effects did they do in past shows? I’m dying to know because they seem like they really pull all the stops!

Sequins: 30 for 30 Date Night

In case you were wondering, the newest update on living together is that it’s going well. Like, really really well. My fella? He’s awfully swell.

Err, sorry about that… Not quite sure how that rhyme slipped in there. Ahem.

Anyway, yes. Living together was a good choice (not that I, for even a moment, doubted that…) to make. The one thing we realized, though? We still have to date each other. And dates that include munching on some random snack while I work on an art project watching an episode of Star Trek (in other words: every single night ever) just doesn’t count.

So we went out! On a real date! Complete with live music! It was exciting. Until the girls who shared our table talked through everybody’s open mic performance. Finally we got up to stand by the door and I told them off, like the bossy pants I am. They were quiet after that. We also went out for coffee and books beforehand, and had a long and really good talk about what we want our life to look like, what goals we have, and how we can support each other. You know, mushy couple stuff.

We were going to do outfit photos, too, at this place I’ve been jonesing to get pictures from. We only got a couple of shots before it started raining, so I’m limited. It’s a simple outfit, though, so you can fill in the blanks, I’m sure.

Oh and PS, see how my hair is up? That’s a sure-fire sign that it’s heading to the chopping block soon. Like, tomorrow soon. Like, really chopped. Like this kind of chopped. I’m so stoked. Time to bring the mohawk back.

Dress: Thrifted/ Scarf: Gift from BFF/ Shoes: Soda/ Tights: Old Navy/ Socks: bella

Stripes: An Ode to Coldplay Day 25

Can I just say, after having written this post, that this was one of the hardest posts I’ve ever had to write! I seriously had issues limiting myself to a reasonable number of songs.

Tonight is the day I’ve been waiting for since I was in middle school: I get to see Coldplay live!!! Gahhh! So, in addition to my outfit (at the bottom) I thought it would be fun to put a bunch of my favorite Coldplay songs in my post today. Here you go!


You’ll have to excuse the boringness of my outfit-it’s the last lab day of the challenge.

Shirt: Target

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: Rocket Dog via Famous Footwear

What’s everyone else’s favorite Coldplay songs?!

[Edit: Hey guys sorry I changed out the picture, I didn’t realize the first one was so blurry. I mean, it’s not like I posted it while in the middle of class or anything…cause of course I would *never* do that.]