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Sequins: DIY Creepy Love Gift

So I’m not actually in town this weekend, I took the train south to the big city. It’s my birthday in EXACTLY one week and one day, and my family insisted I visit so they can shower me in love and affection. Which, you know, I’m always down with. In the meantime, though, I had to leave Monsieur behind. He works weekends and couldn’t make this trip. ONE* of us (and I won’t name any names) isn’t very excited about spending the weekend apart. ONE* of us might be a bit of a baby when it comes to things like this.

So to make the parting a little less sorrowful, I whipped this up! Warning: It might be the creepiest love note I’ve ever left him. Ever.

Want to make your own? (Oh man, though, seriously if any of you ACTUALLY make this, I want pics. Pics or it didn’t happen.) Well here you go!

Supplies: Color printer (or black and white, I guess, it doesn’t really matter), colored markers (I used two highlighters & an ink pen), heavier cardstock, scissors, post it notes, tape & glue (I used both, but only because I went really fast), and a BIG sense of humor.

  1. Start with a picture of yourself. I chose one from this post. Print it out and cut a close outline. I find that using a full body picture works best, so you don’t look like a scissor monster cut your feet off.
  2. Draw random patterns and designs on your cardstock, a little more than the height and width of your cutout.
  3. Glue your cutout down on the decorated cardstock, and move on to step 4. Or, if you want to do it the way I did it (which I don’t recommend) cut a slightly wider outline.
  4. Draw a base on cardstock for your cutout to stand on (if you’re really smart, unlike me, you’ll just incorporate this part in step three and only use one piece of cardstock. If you’re smart.).
  5. Cut out the base, and attack your person (or don’t, if you were smart enough to combine steps 3 & 4. Unlike me).
  6. Draw speech bubbles on your post it notes, making sure to draw the arrow part of the speech bubble on the adhesive part of the sticky note. Cut out the silhouette.
  7. Stick to face and repeat! Make as many silly sayings as you can think up! I made a separate (even creepier) stand up piece of cardstock that holds all the speech bubbles (not picture, but use your imagination!). Some of my favorite speech bubbles included “…did you just fart?” (take another look at that picture and tell me that’s not what my face is saying!).
  8. *BONUS STEP* Don’t tell your loved one/friend/family member/freinemy what you made, and then leave this in a place where they’ll find it. I put mine on Monsieur’s night stand, so he won’t find it until he’s just about to go to sleep. Mwuahahaha.


*Okay, I’ll admit it. It’s both of us. Both of us are really bad about spending more than 24 hours apart from each other. It’s embarrassing.

PS: I definitely think that my DIY belongs here, but since I haven’t been able to stop laughing since I decided to do this, I think it’s worth it. He’s laughing, too. Trust me.


Stripes: Hunger Games

Confession: Sequins and I are both HUGE nerds (ok, this is less of a confession and more of me stating the obvious). Now that you are armed with that piece of information, you can better imagine how excited we were when the opportunity arose for us to go to the midnight showing of the first Hunger Games movie.

So, late last night, we made our way to the movie theater with Plaid and Monsieur for the show of the year (aside from Titanic 3D…I’M SO EXCITED TO SEE THAT!). Since Sequins got Monsieur and herself matching t-shirts* I decided to make some matching t’s for plaid and myself so we wouldn’t be left out of the nerdy festivities. It was my first time freehanding lettering so I was pretty proud of the end result (though, admittedly, I got a little too into it and made my left hip fall asleep not one but three times in the quest for the most ideal angle to approach the fabric).

To make my (and Plaid’s) shirt, I just bought a cheap t from Michaels and painted it using Tulip brand fabric paint and some throw away brushes from another project I did last year (just incase the paint ruined my brushes-I do this every time I try a new paint just to be safe). To do the glitter section, I used Tulip brand glitter and glitter glue because it is supposed to withstand the washing machine…we’ll see. I’m not too worried about it, I just had a ton of fun making the shirts and getting a chance to channel some of my repressed crafting urges.

As far as the movie goes, I thought it was done in a very interesting manner. I definitely prefer the book but I thought the movie was artfully done although it leaves out some important details that would not have taken all that much time to incorporate. Aside from that, I really liked the shifts in perspective and how human the movie felt. The costuming and make up designs were awesome! So much better than how I had imagined it from the book. It would be really fun to have a Capitol themed party and dress up like we came from the Capitol because their outfits and styles were so cool!

All in all it was a great night (and my very first mid-night premiere!) and I am so glad I got to share it with so many great friends.

*Sequins here! Just a quick note on my shirt: Ilene over at Much Love Ily shared her Hunger Games shirt, found from an adorable etsy shop and I quickly snagged up two more for Monsieur and I– this one for me, and this one for Monsieur. The whole movie was super exciting, and mad props go out to Plaid, who introduced us to the whole book series. She turned me on to the books right almost exactly two years ago, before the third book came out. We sucked them down and talked about them endlessly, until finally Monsieur read the series a couple months after I finished them. We brought Stripes on board when we started planning the midnight premiere, and she was totally gung-ho. It probably didn’t help that I threatened her repeatedly that I would spoil the endings if she didn’t finish the book before the movie. She rocked, though, and no spoilers were necessary! (Although Pinterest spoiled a MAJOR devastating plot twist for her). Bye!!

Sequins: Overcoming Irrational Fears

Okay so I’m not going to post about overcoming my irrational fear of driving, or my irrational fear of burning (although, really, it’s not so irrational. It’s just that it’s to the point of a phobia), or my irrational fear showers, or of the 15,689 other things out there that I’m irrational afraid of. <— ew gross, totally ended that on a preposition. And even grosser, I have no intention of fixing it…

Skirt: 36point5, Jacket Shirt & Belt: thrifted, Sweater: New York Co., Cowl: Anthro (gift)

No, rather, this is about overcoming my irrational fear of pleated skirts. I mentioned this earlier, when I introduced Sassafras, but I have a very strange fear of pleated skirts. Kokimo’s post on them, through Delightful Dozen, definitely helped me cope with this a little, and then when I found this beautiful mint green skirt at Buffalo Exchange, I knew it was to be mine. Further proof of how right it is is evidenced by the fact that I found itin the same trip that I found Sassafras, the Skirt That Fulfilled My Dreams. I’ve worn this skirt twice, now, and both times with tops that I never previously felt like I could style. Like I said, this skirt is rocking my world pretty thoroughly.

Also, as a side note, I think it is physically impossible tonot feel like a classy-class fashion blogger whilst rocking a mint green pleated midi skirt. It’s a fact. Especially since I was even (attempting to) rock my own version of victory rolls. You can really only see them in the top picture, though.

Further side note: is it just me, or does it look like I’m starting to go gray? I mean, I’m not even 24 (that’s still two weeks away), but man alive! I think I’ve over-dyed my hair, but my only response is to cover that up with some more dye.

Last little side note: windy days make fuller, pleated skirts tons of fun to photograph in, but are the complete opposite of  “practical choice”. Unless, of course, you enjoy flashing complete strangers. I won’t judge.

How about any of you, little bloggy-lurkers? Overcome any irrational fears lately? I’m thinking now that I’m comfortable in pleats, I might take my manual-stick-shift driving lessons a little more seriously.

PS I take it back, this is the last little side note: Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh who else is super excited for midnight tonight? Anyone? Anyone? Stripes, Plaid, Monsieur & I are super stoked. We’ll be watching this. Only for like two hours instead of two minutes. Plaid turned me on to the books a couple months before the third one came out. Ohmygoshohmygosh. I’m like a little fan girl. Monsieur & I even have shirts. We’ll show you.

Stripes: Spring Break?

FIRST! It’s announcement time! SURPRISE I GOT BANGS! Thank you all who commented and encouraged me to get them, I adore them and I think they are going to stick around for a while.

Now on to the real post:

As you lovely folks know, I am still a college student and as such I am officially on my last spring break (ok, so I will have one next year I suppose while I am in paralegal school, but it just doesn’t seem the same). “So,” you may be wondering, “How is our lovely Stripes spending her spring break? Beaches? Bikinis? Fun in the sun?” Well my friends, I’m sorry to say that I am having a good old fashioned Pacific Northwest spring break. But seeing as I have no idea where all of our lovely readers hail from, I’ve decided this is my chance to show everyone what a spring break up here is really like.

First off, as you can see, there is no beach just forest (ok, so I live on a bay but it is made completely out of rocks as symbolized by the rocks in the background of this picture).

Secondly, this is how ridiculous you look if you try to wear a bikini in this weather…yeah.

And then this is what this oh so sexy look becomes after 30 seconds.

Thirdly, there is a 95% chance of rain all break so I am doing a lot more of this than frolicking around in a sundress and flip flops.

But at least I still found a way to rock my shorts! Take that gray weather!

Sweatshirt: Aerie, Rain Jacket: The North Face, Shirt: Delias, Tank: Old Navy, Shorts: AE, Leggings: The Loft Outlet, Boots: Rocket Dog via Famous Footwear.

So there you have it-a true Northwest spring break. As far as spring break activities go I’ve just been reading, writing, working on some music stuff, and fighting off an evil cold! No worries, I shall soon be the victor but until then I’ve been slightly crazy (ok, super crazy in just about every way someone can be crazy…FUN FACT: when I get sick I get weird. Like really weird).

Also, a special shout out to our friend Matt who inspired this post from his playful complaints about coming to visit us last week during his spring break. This one is definitely for you!

Happy Wednesday!

PS- Don’t you love the sign off things Sequins whipped up?! She’s awesome!

Sequins: Happy… Spring?

Alright, so I’ll confess–I’m getting massive envy from all the other bloggers out there talking about their super mild winters, and the sudden (& glorious) appearance of spring. Our little corner of the country has been hard hit this winter and it doesn’t look like it’s letting up any time soon. Yesterday I refused on principle to wear a coat, and I had a bunch of out-and-about-work errands to do with a coworker. We walked to one location, and he asked me where my coat was.

Look, I said. I’m tired of letting the weather boss me around. It’s almost sunny out and I’m not wearing a coat.

But, you’re cold, right? He asked. Because it’s cold out.

Monsieur asked me the same thing when we did a Michael’s run later in the day. Not that I’ll admit it to anyone, but yes. Yes it is cold outside. Today’s outfit might have incorporated a thick wool sweater.

PS in case you were wondering, while Monsieur is pretty game for trips to craft and fabric stores (his mom is an amazing quilter, so I think she beat any resistance out of him through repeated exposure early in his life), he isn’t perfect and does occasionally require some nudging. So in case you were wondering, yes I do bribe him to drive me to those places occasionally–there’s a Costco right next to our nearest Michael’s, and his obsession with Costco hot dogs is something to behold. Works like a charm every time!

Sweater Dress & Shoes: Thrifted, Shirt: Modcloth


Stripes: A Very Special Model

As I hinted on Twitter this morning, I am spending a couple days back in my home town. As Sequins and I realized we did not yet have a good Monday post for everyone I realized I have a special model I could introduce you all to…annnd her name is Maggie. Say hello to my doggie!

She was the first “person” I explored the art of the Myspace picture with. (Aren’t we cute?! This is from all the way back in 2008.)

And she pulls off the blogger-casually-looking-off-into-the-distance thing so well!

And without further adieu, here’s the exclusive interview:

Me: So, tell me about your day.

Maggie: Can’t complain, took a nap, ran around, spread some love, then took another nap.

Me: Sounds like an excellent day. What do you think about the colored jeans trend?

M: Well, I’m colorblind so you had me fooled. Also, I prefer a more au naturale look but if you can pull ’em off do it girl!

Me: What’s your favorite store?

M: Oh you know, I am more of a vintage kind of girl, and my personal shopper only goes to this obscure little store in this town you’ve never heard of.

Me: What’s your favorite food?

F: I’m on a special diet, gotta maintain my womanly figure, so I usually just eat the same well balanced meal whenever I’m hungry. Although I do like to indulge on a cookie every once in a while, too. A girl’s gotta live a little!

Me: If you could meet any one blogger, who would it be?

M: That’s such a tough question…hmmm I guess I would have to say the people at, I really like their work.

Me: Well, it’s been great chatting with you but it looks like we’re out of time.

M: Yep, it’s time to run off to my scheduled nap.

And there you have it, an exclusive interview with the one and only Maggie…aka my puppy! It’s so nice being home for a little bit.

Happy Monday from me and my doggie!


Stripes: Awesome Stuff Sunday 3.18

I hope everyone one had an awesome week, here are the highlights of what I found on the internet this week:

The cute animal of the week  is this hipster fishy. Hipster fishy says, “I came from this pet store in a really obscure part of Portland, I mean I could tell you the name but you’ve never heard of it.”

I adore this line of literary clothing! 

Here’s your proper dose of good a’capella for the week:

Yes, this week there are 2 a’capella songs, I was thinking you needed a little bigger dose because it’s been a while since I posted any. This is Realtime, they were a local quartet who won some big titles but they recently got a new tenor (whom I am friends with, nbd or anything) and became Via Voice. Anyways, Loch Lomond is one of the songs that kept me singing as a kid because I heard a choir do it when I was in elementary school and decided on the spot that I wanted to be able to do it too. And actually, there are only 2 other songs that fall in this category and I’m working on one right now (details on that one later) 🙂

And, finally, I’ve spent most of my spring break thus far wishing I was even half as fierce as Beyonce.