Sequins & Stripes: A 30 for 30 Adventure!

Okay, so of the two of us, I (Sequins), am an avid fashion blog follower. Really, I’m an avid blog follower. I love blogging, and I really admire a lot of the bigger-name fashion bloggers out there. I love how blogging has become this tool for them to explore their sense of style and sense of self, as well as using it as an opportunity for them to push their comfort boundaries. When I talked to Stripes about starting this blog, I was so excited about the possibilities it would open up for my own sense of style. Which, despite my funky wardrobe, has never really been a priority. Already I’ve seen myself develop a “look” that serves me well when I’m scrambled about getting ready in the morning.

The funny thing is, I’ve also fallen into the blogging rut of feeling (self-imposed) pressure to make “perfect” outfits on Mondays & Wednesdays, our photo days. Which is silly, since I’ve just ended up loving my Tuesday, Thursday & Friday outfits way more. I’ve also been growing my closet like a fiend, which is no good for anyone–it’s crowded in the apartment and a little too empty in my wallet. It’s time to step back and take some perspective.

Which leads us to announce our new adventure–in true blogging style, we’re commandeering a fabulous idea from one of my blogging idols, Kendi Everyday. We’re embarking on our own 30-for-30 challenge throughout the month of April, and we hope you have fun for the ride! We’re going to do our very best to get each of our outfits up daily on the blog, school and work schedules permitting, of course. Our disclaimer is that this is totally originally Kendi’s idea and we definitely don’t claim ownership over it. We just want to try it out. So here are the rules:

  • 30 Days of No Shopping
  • 30 Outfits from 30 articles of clothing from BOTH of us (Hopefully within the 30-Day time period. But we’re flexible)
  • Shirts, Dresses, Pants, Shoes, & Sweaters count
  • Coats, tights, belts, and scarves fall under the “Accessories” category and are fair game (for the record, April is the weirdest month, weather-wise, so it’s pretty much impossible to figure out if we’ll need light jackets or snow coats this time of the year!)

It was at this point that we were planning on unveiling our thirty for thirty picks–and trust me, the way we unveiled it was going to be SUPER fun. However…. The best laid plans, right? It’s not quite ready. So stay tuned to see what we picked!


2 responses to “Sequins & Stripes: A 30 for 30 Adventure!

  1. Love this! Great plan. I kinda want to join the fun.

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