Sequins: Spring Is In The Air

And I have proof of it, after my trip to Seattle this weekend! It was a glorious weekend, full of wonderful, ever-increasingly-rare time to myself as well as good, solid quality time with my parents. My dad and I had a strange adventure before we ended up at the Moisture festival (never heard of Moisture Festival? Well it’s time you did!)–an adventure that resulted in us spending a little over an hour in the car, where we had some good time to catch up. We’re both super distractable people, so being in the car forced us to talk. My mom and I managed to squeeze in some time as well, including visiting her  with my sister in tow at my mom’s turf (Home Depot’s gardening department) where I managed to talk myself into growing succulents (I’m a plant killer. We’ll see how well this goes).

Sweater Shorts & Flower: H&M, Shoes: Modcloth

The real proof of spring, though (if the Moisture Festival and succulents weren’t enough for you), popped up when my sister and I met up for a lunch date on Sunday. We got together near the local college campus, which has beautiful cherry trees–that were in full blossom. I was wearing shorts (oh trips to the city are never complete without a trip to H&M) with no tights, and we enjoyed the sun, frozen yogurt, and cherry tree blossoms. Proof that Spring is making her debut, even in our corner of the country. Marvelous!

6 responses to “Sequins: Spring Is In The Air

  1. Really enjoy the photos of the trees and your striped top.

    • Thanks, I’m glad to hear it! I’ve decided that I really don’t like how I styled the two pieces, but separately I love the sweater and the shorts.

  2. YAY BLUE SHORTS! So cute. And your food looked amazing too. Sounds like a good trip.

    • Thanks! I’m pretty sure my legs need some more time on my bike before flaunting them de-tights again, but man I’m a fan of those shorts. And yeah, that food is amazing. It’s this tiny little Mexican restaurant with the most ah-may-zing food.

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