Sequins: A Special Guest Blogger

Hey guys! We both are super stoked to introduce this new guest blogger, Lyra (pronounced leer-ah)! She’s a pretty chill, down-to-earth chick and is the kind of friend you go to whenever you need a hug. And, you know, she’ll never say no to a cookie! We figured we’d set this guest post up interview-style, so enjoy!

Hey Lyra, thanks so much for agreeing to do this interview! So why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself? What kinds of things do you like to do?

Hey, yeah I’m really glad to be here! I love Sequins, so when she asked if I’d guest post I was totally excited! Her and I go way back–she’s known me even before I was born! So, about me… I live with my mom, who’s totally my best friend, a couple of cats, and a turtle. They’re all pretty chill. When I’m not sleeping, I love rolling around in the backyard, poking the cats, and having my picture taken!

Aww, I love you too! And man that sounds like a ton of fun. How would you describe your life philosophy?

I think my life philosophy can be summed up pretty easy–life can be hard, and it can get you down, but you just have to remember how beautiful it all is. You have to remember to smile.

That’s a great life philosophy. You’re such a positive one! How would you spend the perfect day?

I like to get up fairly early in the morning, so a fresh quick start out the door for a romp with my friends in the back yard, then after a breakfast I’d love to nap in the sun for a bit. I’d probably fill my day with a long walk and some duck chasing, then wrestling around with my mom until I’m worn out. I’d finish the perfect day off with some cuddle time on the couch and some snacking on cheesey or bbq-ey chips! Yum! Oh, and the day would be even better if my brother, Bandit, was in town visiting! He usually stops by once a year or so.

Definitely not a bad day! One last question before I let you head out the door for a walk–what’s one secret that we wouldn’t have guessed about you?

One thing you can’t guess? Jeez, I’m a pretty open book! I guess I’d have to say I’m a romantic at heart–I love everyone, and will always give out hugs to people who need it. I’ll even bring you flowers!

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