Sequins: Overcoming Irrational Fears

Okay so I’m not going to post about overcoming my irrational fear of driving, or my irrational fear of burning (although, really, it’s not so irrational. It’s just that it’s to the point of a phobia), or my irrational fear showers, or of the 15,689 other things out there that I’m irrational afraid of. <— ew gross, totally ended that on a preposition. And even grosser, I have no intention of fixing it…

Skirt: 36point5, Jacket Shirt & Belt: thrifted, Sweater: New York Co., Cowl: Anthro (gift)

No, rather, this is about overcoming my irrational fear of pleated skirts. I mentioned this earlier, when I introduced Sassafras, but I have a very strange fear of pleated skirts. Kokimo’s post on them, through Delightful Dozen, definitely helped me cope with this a little, and then when I found this beautiful mint green skirt at Buffalo Exchange, I knew it was to be mine. Further proof of how right it is is evidenced by the fact that I found itin the same trip that I found Sassafras, the Skirt That Fulfilled My Dreams. I’ve worn this skirt twice, now, and both times with tops that I never previously felt like I could style. Like I said, this skirt is rocking my world pretty thoroughly.

Also, as a side note, I think it is physically impossible tonot feel like a classy-class fashion blogger whilst rocking a mint green pleated midi skirt. It’s a fact. Especially since I was even (attempting to) rock my own version of victory rolls. You can really only see them in the top picture, though.

Further side note: is it just me, or does it look like I’m starting to go gray? I mean, I’m not even 24 (that’s still two weeks away), but man alive! I think I’ve over-dyed my hair, but my only response is to cover that up with some more dye.

Last little side note: windy days make fuller, pleated skirts tons of fun to photograph in, but are the complete opposite of  “practical choice”. Unless, of course, you enjoy flashing complete strangers. I won’t judge.

How about any of you, little bloggy-lurkers? Overcome any irrational fears lately? I’m thinking now that I’m comfortable in pleats, I might take my manual-stick-shift driving lessons a little more seriously.

PS I take it back, this is the last little side note: Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh who else is super excited for midnight tonight? Anyone? Anyone? Stripes, Plaid, Monsieur & I are super stoked. We’ll be watching this. Only for like two hours instead of two minutes. Plaid turned me on to the books a couple months before the third one came out. Ohmygoshohmygosh. I’m like a little fan girl. Monsieur & I even have shirts. We’ll show you.


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