Stripes: Spring Break?

FIRST! It’s announcement time! SURPRISE I GOT BANGS! Thank you all who commented and encouraged me to get them, I adore them and I think they are going to stick around for a while.

Now on to the real post:

As you lovely folks know, I am still a college student and as such I am officially on my last spring break (ok, so I will have one next year I suppose while I am in paralegal school, but it just doesn’t seem the same). “So,” you may be wondering, “How is our lovely Stripes spending her spring break? Beaches? Bikinis? Fun in the sun?” Well my friends, I’m sorry to say that I am having a good old fashioned Pacific Northwest spring break. But seeing as I have no idea where all of our lovely readers hail from, I’ve decided this is my chance to show everyone what a spring break up here is really like.

First off, as you can see, there is no beach just forest (ok, so I live on a bay but it is made completely out of rocks as symbolized by the rocks in the background of this picture).

Secondly, this is how ridiculous you look if you try to wear a bikini in this weather…yeah.

And then this is what this oh so sexy look becomes after 30 seconds.

Thirdly, there is a 95% chance of rain all break so I am doing a lot more of this than frolicking around in a sundress and flip flops.

But at least I still found a way to rock my shorts! Take that gray weather!

Sweatshirt: Aerie, Rain Jacket: The North Face, Shirt: Delias, Tank: Old Navy, Shorts: AE, Leggings: The Loft Outlet, Boots: Rocket Dog via Famous Footwear.

So there you have it-a true Northwest spring break. As far as spring break activities go I’ve just been reading, writing, working on some music stuff, and fighting off an evil cold! No worries, I shall soon be the victor but until then I’ve been slightly crazy (ok, super crazy in just about every way someone can be crazy…FUN FACT: when I get sick I get weird. Like really weird).

Also, a special shout out to our friend Matt who inspired this post from his playful complaints about coming to visit us last week during his spring break. This one is definitely for you!

Happy Wednesday!

PS- Don’t you love the sign off things Sequins whipped up?! She’s awesome!


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