Sequins: Happy… Spring?

Alright, so I’ll confess–I’m getting massive envy from all the other bloggers out there talking about their super mild winters, and the sudden (& glorious) appearance of spring. Our little corner of the country has been hard hit this winter and it doesn’t look like it’s letting up any time soon. Yesterday I refused on principle to wear a coat, and I had a bunch of out-and-about-work errands to do with a coworker. We walked to one location, and he asked me where my coat was.

Look, I said. I’m tired of letting the weather boss me around. It’s almost sunny out and I’m not wearing a coat.

But, you’re cold, right? He asked. Because it’s cold out.

Monsieur asked me the same thing when we did a Michael’s run later in the day. Not that I’ll admit it to anyone, but yes. Yes it is cold outside. Today’s outfit might have incorporated a thick wool sweater.

PS in case you were wondering, while Monsieur is pretty game for trips to craft and fabric stores (his mom is an amazing quilter, so I think she beat any resistance out of him through repeated exposure early in his life), he isn’t perfect and does occasionally require some nudging. So in case you were wondering, yes I do bribe him to drive me to those places occasionally–there’s a Costco right next to our nearest Michael’s, and his obsession with Costco hot dogs is something to behold. Works like a charm every time!

Sweater Dress & Shoes: Thrifted, Shirt: Modcloth



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