Stripes: Allergen Free Candy Making Adventure!

Today, I decided to show you all how to make some allergen free candy! Well, it doesn’t have to be allergen free but I want to eat my work when I’m done, so all my ingredients are free of wheat, dairy, coconut, and peanuts although it meant I had to adapt from this recipe. NBD because the recipe is super simple and I ❤ all things chocolate.


Ghirardelli Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (these are the only ones that cost less than $4 a bag that are allergen free, also, they are freaking delicious. I am only using mini chocolate chips because the store was out of regular size, but if you’re going to melt it down anyways it won’t make a difference in the end). I also used 1.5 bags of chocolate.

Almond Butter

Powdered Sugar




Double Boiler (or a bowl and a microwave)

Mini-Muffin Tin

Mini-Muffin Wrappers

3 Spoons


Let’s Do This:

Step 1:

Add water to the bottom portion of you double boiler (but only enough water that it doesn’t touch the top pan), put the top pan on, and pour chocolate chips in to the top pan. You’ll want this on medium heat. But if you don’t have a double boiler (I lucked out and stole this one from my dad a couple years ago…thanks dad! You can also microwave the chocolate chips to melt them. I just feel super cool whenever I get to use my double boiler).

Step 2:

While periodically stirring the chocolate, slowly add some powdered sugar to your almond butter (or which ever kind of butter you like, this would work with peanut butter, sun butter, cashew butter…really any of those “butters” would do). Taste the butter as you go so you get it to the sweetness you prefere. Then make a bunch of “butter” balls. I am not making as many “butter” balls as spaces in my tin because I want some to just have almonds in them (fancy, I know!).

Step 3:

Line the cups of your muffin tin with the papers. Simple enough.

Step 4:

Spoon in enough melted chocolate to make a solid layer in the bottom of each paper. Let this dry a little so the insides of your cups have somewhere to sit. This picture shows how it looks when you first dollop the chocolate in but as you can see from the top row, it works a lot better when you spread the chocolate out with your spoon. Then, refrigerate these babies for 5 minutes so they can set.

Step 5:

Add the insides to the cups. Like I mentioned before, I am using both sweetened almond butter and almonds.

Step 6:

Cover each cup with chocolate. Pretty much, just make it look like a normal peanut butter cup.

Step 7:

Chill them so the become solid. Mine only required about 20 minutes in the fridge until they were om nom nom ready. 

Step 8:

OM NOM NOM. Appreciate what you just made by eating it!

And there you have it, allergen (at least for me, anyways) free candy!

Are there any tutorials you’re wanting to see? Anything I can do to help demystify food allergies? If so please comment so I can help spread info!



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