Stripes: I Just Wanna Dance

Confession time: I love dancing. Ok, so that’s probably not a huge surprise but dancing rocks!

As a kid, I took a couple dance classes and then started ice skating. I really love being on ice and I think I developed a sense of natural grace from it. Since coming to college, I have taken a couple dance classes and my absolute favorite was Modern Dance. We got to prance like unicorns, experiment with negative space, and dance like flowers. I had such a blast and I definitely incorporated my danciness into the other areas of my life.

I love to dance my way around the house, I dance in the car while I rock out to some tunage, I dance while I make food, and I even dance while in the stalls in public bathrooms. I just love to dance! And now that I am in the midst of finals week, all I want to do is dance every day away.

Coat: Kohls (old), Tank Top: AE (old), Shirt: Old Navy (old), Skirt: Gap Outlet (recent), Tights: Target (old), Gloves: Ugg via Nordstrom Rack (old), Shoes: Lucky Brand via Macy's (recent).

I feel so close and yet so far away from being done with college and yet all I want to do one way or another is dance! So, please all feel free to join me, and dance away to some Beyonce!

While I am not nearly as awesome as Lady B, I can do the bit where I hold up my left hand and turn it in and out and that’s practically the same things, right? πŸ˜›

Anyone else out there a fan of dancing? What’s your favorite kind of dance? What’s you’re favorite song to dance to?



2 responses to “Stripes: I Just Wanna Dance

  1. Cute pics!

    I love modern belly dancing which is a mix of belly dance with modern dancing like street dance or hip hop, which themselves are evolutions of dance types I was keen on in the 90’s e.g. trance/acid/house. I’d really love to get fit enough again and learn tap dancing and break dance!

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