Sequins: New Favorite Book

Meet “Lace”. She’s one of my best friends. I know her through Monsieur, and she knows Monsieur through her fiance. Her fiance and Monsieur are pretty close.

This is her with her fiance. He’s a pretty swell guy. She must think so, too, since she’s marrying him. I don’t think he’s swell enough to marry, myself, but that’s okay. I don’t have to. He’s still pretty cool.

I get to be Lace’s maid of honour, and we’re spending Saturday planning for that blessed event. Which means I’m a wee bit distracted from turning my full attention to the blog. I hope you all can forgive me.

In the meantime, here’s a short story to tide you over.

So lately I was in a bit of a funk and I was grumbley and I whined for a while until I realized that I haven’t finished a book in a while–always a sure-fire way to make me whine. I was out celebrating Monsieur’s new job with him when I oh-so-subtly mentioned that we were across the street from our local (amazing) bookstore. We wandered in after our meal and I walked out twenty minutes later laden down with three new books. It was a good moment.

Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins

One book and I, in particular, are on especially close terms. That was last Wednesday, and I’m happy to announce that the book and I have finished the initial read-through of our relationship together, and we plan on spending years to come together. He’s at home on my bookshelf now, and I encourage you to find a copy for yourself. This book was an amazing read–fast, but not too fast. Funny, but also carefully and beautifully written. The ideas are thought-provoking and interesting, if you can take them seriously enough to consider. The writing is so well crafted–the metaphors are fabulous. It was a joy, and a joy that lifted me from the depths of my grumble-bumble mood.


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