Stripes: The Constant Hair Debacle

As you may have noticed, I have long hair.

Shocker, I know. But I haven’t always had long hair. 5 years ago (I seriously can’t believe it’s been that long!) I donated about 10″ to Pantene Great Lengths and rocked some above the shoulder hair for a while. While I do, for the most part, enjoy having long hair (otherwise I would just cut it all off!) I do gripe about it a lot

I often feel like I am ready to change my hair-just cut it all off, get bangs, or dye it crazy colors. I seriously fantasize about doing this just about everyday. You see, long hair gets boring after a while if you don’t have time to do things with it. And so, while walking to the busstop the other day, I started thinking about my top 5 reasons for wanting to get rid of my long hair and my top 5 reasons for keeping it around. What follows are more or less the conclusions I drew.

Reasons Why Long Hair Sucks

5. Haircare costs. Seriously, my hair costs me a small fortune between the shampoo, truckloads of conditioner, hairspray, shine serums, mousse, and heat protectors.

4. Your hair gets stuck in things. My least favorite are: zippers on sweatshirts, the thing that retracts your seatbelt in the car, car doors, and under the straps of your purse or backpack.

3. Your hair gets in your food while you eat. Forgetting to bring a hair tie to the dinner table can mean spaghetti sauce all over your shirt via your hair. OR you find maple syrup in your hair at 3 pm and wonder if it really has been there since breakfast.

2. You find long hairs everywhere. Sometimes get stuck in your clothes and tickle you all day and about half the time you can’t figure out where the hair is hiding.

1. It takes FOREVER to dry when wet. No one likes walking around with wet hair and when you do you a hair dryer your arms get tired from holding it up there so long!

This is my "my hair has me down" look, jsyk.

Reasons Why I Still Have Long Hair Despite the Previous List

5. When you get annoyed with your hair, you can just pull it back in a bun, ponytail, braid, ect. With short hair when you get annoyed you have to find an actual way to fix your hair like adding more products, yelling at it until it does what you want, or spending more time styling it. With long hair, all you need is a ponytail holder and you’re golden.

4. It is fun to play with. There is just something about twirling your hair that is oddly calming.

3. It rocks when other people want to play with your hair. When you have long hair people LOVE to touch it, braid it, run their hands through it, and it rocks! Scalp massages are the best so this is definitely a win-win. You play with my hair, I reap the benefits of a free scalp massage. Deal.

2. You have options! Want to wear long loose curls? Done. Long braids? done. Up-do? done. With short hair you are much more limited, I mean how many pixie cuts have you seen rock braids?

1. It can be really pretty when you have the time to actually take care of it and put effort into styling it. Not that I do this more than 3-4 times a year, but when I do, it makes all the fights, anger and hate I feel toward my hair for the rest of the year seem worth it.

So there you have my list of why I love and hate my hair. I am actually getting tired of my long hair (it has been within +/- 4″ of its current length for the last 4 years with almost no difference in the way I style it) so I think, as I am graduating into adulthood, I am gearing up for something different.

Tank Top & Sweat: American Eagle (both old), Purple Tank: Aerie (old), Jeans: The Gap (recent), Boots: Lucky Brand via Dillards (recent-ish), Bracelet: Alex and Ani via Nordstrom (recent).

Anyone have any suggestions of what you think I should do with my hair? Bangs perhaps? Also, any suggestions for future posts you want to see would be greatly appreciated! We’re interested in what interests you because chances are it probably interests one of us, too!

Happy Wednesday!



4 responses to “Stripes: The Constant Hair Debacle

  1. oooohhh I’ve felt the same way my whole life! I’ve had long hair (like SUPER long) hair probably 90% of my life! I’ve donated 10″ TWICE! lol this past fall I cut it to right above my shoulders and it’s already fairly long again now, but it’s nice to occasionally change things up – I’d love to dye it at some point, but I don’t want to ruin it!

    oh the woes of hair!

    • I soooo get that! I think I am going to grow it out long enough to donate one last time then really change it up again! I am only about 1.5 inches away from having enough to donate again so I am thinking that I will wait until I can do that before I make any sweeping changes. Although, bangs might be in my near-ish future…maybe. 😛

  2. Since I can’t cut bangs because of my curls, I always recommend girls get bangs because I LOVE THEM and I can live vicariously through them 🙂 I think you would look adorable with some side-swept bangs.

    • Awwww! that’s so sweet, thanks! I actually, also, have the bangs odds stacked against me. I have 2 cowlicks along my hairline where my bangs would go. While in my childhood this didn’t stop me from having the iconic 90’s straight across bangs for a solid 9 years. After realizing just how weird my hair is in the front I became terrified of bangs and have, too, lived vicariously through and array of friends and lucky strangers with glorious bangs so I totally know what you mean. I do, however, feel up for the responsibility of blow drying my bangs in a way I didn’t used to (mainly because I now dry my hair almost everyday so I have gotten a lot faster and better at it so learning to dry my bangs wouldn’t be as hard). So we will see. It would be a challenge for sure, but I think a change is in order soon!

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