Sequins: A Very Nerdy Lunch Date

I used vacation time to tack on an extra hour to my lunch so I could attend a lecture on our local college campus. It was nice to be back on my old stomping grounds, and especially nice to listen to a really interesting presentation about a grass roots peace-building initiative amongst Palestinian & Israel’s youth musicians. Very inspiring.

It helped that while she was very upfront about the conflicts between Palestinians and Israelis, she was also upfront about her focus for her presentation. She highlighted the legal aspects of an occupation, as well as the legal obligations of occupiers, without pointing any emotional blame (which I found very impressive–mostly because it’s not something I could do myself). She presented the music program not as a program that will fix things, or solve all the problems, or, really, any of the problems. Rather, she said that the program would lay the road to peaceful relations between individuals once the rest of it fell into place.

I went up to her afterwards and thanked her for her beautiful presentation, and told her how much I enjoyed it. She smiled, thanked me for my words, and wished me luck on my studies.

…Because instead of the mid-twenties professional that I am, I still look like a college kid. Ah well!

Oh so this skirt is the one I added buttons to on the inside for my suspenders. It was really simple, and I want to add hidden buttons to every single skirt I own. And since I’m on day three of being home sick (I worked until 11:30 until I left for the day, with my coworkers ushering my sick self out of the office before the contamination spread), it is a distinct possibility…

Skirt: Sojourner, Tights: bella; Shoes, Top & Suspenders: Thrifted; Keffiyeh: Palestine


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