Sequins & Stripes: Oh We’re Such Liars

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Sequins: #4, I love driving my car

Old picture of me in front of Monsieur's old car before a road trip. Better believe I am a passenger like none other!

So, as you guys guessed (/came very close to guessing), I don’t drive. The lie wasn’t just that I had my own car (which I don’t), or that I love driving (which I’m actually very much NOT a fan of), but I don’t even have a license. I had a permit for like three years once I was sixteen, but it expired before I ever got around to taking a test. This baffles most people, but as someone who excels in reading bus schedules and riding her bicycle, I don’t find my choices baffling in the least. It helps that my commute to work is a twenty minute walk.

The only reason that I have renewed my permit with the intention of getting my license this time is because, while he is very supportive of being my personal chauffeur, has mentioned that it might be nice for, when we go out to dinner, me to occasionally drive him back home. So he can enjoy an adult beverage. I found this request reasonable, so his birthday present from me (early July) is to drive him home after dinner. He owns a stick, not an automatic, so we’ve been having fun with that learning process.

FYI, if you’re ever in need of a great couples-exercise to learn how to listen to your partner, have him teach you how to drive. It works wonders for your communication skills. Especially if he (the usually laid back one) is the one teaching you (the… ahem… bossier one in the relationship).

But, yes, I have a jaw made partially of titanium bolts after orthodontic surgery; I used to volunteer in an animal shelter and took care of a baby bear the first night he was brought in after a car accident; I had a peacock as a pet when I was a kid and absolutely hated it–I very much Portlandia-style don’t like birds; and I could definitely survive off of pineapple exclusively.

Since I can't think of a good picture for my lie I decided to post a picture of my new favorite snack: plain rice cakes with almond butter on top. Seriously, you should try it!

Ha! I’ve fooled you all! I actually have not seen Ben Gibbard at the grocery store. BUT don’t feel too down about my grocery store starspotting, I did see Ryan Stiles two years ago while buying a loaf of bread. And hey, the stuff in my picture came from the grocery store, so it’s practically the same as Sequin’s awesome picture, right?

But, yeah, I’ve been terrified of worms since a fateful walking in the grass incident when I was 6. I’ve slowly been trying to regain my ability to walk barefoot in the grass thanks to a group of my friends who have gingerly moved many-a-worm for me. And, yes, I have co-piloted a plane when I was a kid. We had family friends with a small private plane and the passenger seat happened to also be the co-pilot seat.

Thanks again for guessing!

-Stripes and Sequins


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