Stripes: Awesome Stuff Sunday 3.4

I found this on Yes and Yes this week and OMG I want to do this! Bring on the InDesign while I can still use it on campus for free!

And then there’s this guy! Soooo cute! Sequins posted this link of 26 Happy Animals to Plaid’s wall for her birthday. This is why we are friends.

This is seriously the motto of a person with allergy’s life. I found this (via) and it clicked. Sometimes it is hard to remember in such simple terms how simple it is to choose health.

Admittedly NSFW but soooo funny. I wanna bust out some landshark!

And, finally, one of my favorite songs. It plays all the time at work and I always swoon when it comes on 😀

Happy Sunday!



2 responses to “Stripes: Awesome Stuff Sunday 3.4

  1. The 26 happiest animals are SO cute!!

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