Sequins: Happy Saturday!

I spent the whole weekend looking forward to Saturday. I’ve missed my good ol’ friend, and couldn’t wait for the day to roll around. Then, two hours into my workday on Friday, I sneezed myself sick. I went home after finishing a big project, around noon, and grumbled my way into a slump. This is was I look like when I go home sick on a Friday, and then have to go to the store for something or other with Monsieur (juice. but the right kind of juice. which would be too complicated to explain to him, so I had to go with him).

This is how I dress for grocery store trips. When it’s the middle of the day on Friday. And I’m sick. And slightly grumble-bumble-y.

We went and shopped and waited and shopped and dilly-dallied at the magazines until the main reason we went was finished.

Balloons make EVERYTHING better! (Okay, we didn’t buy 26 balloons just for a lark. It’s our friend, Plaid’s, 26th birthday on Friday so we wanted to surprise her)

Somehow, though, carrying all these balloons around (as well as using my sick time to curl up on the couch and read a fantastic new book) make me feel like I’ll be okay. This cold will go away, and I’ll still have the whole weekend to conquer everything else.

Shirt: Wet Seal, Sweatershirt: UW Campus, Pants: H&M (thrifted), boots: gift from stepmom

Hello Saturday. It’s so nice to see you. I’ve missed you.

For all you non-student, Monday-Friday workers out there, let’s all just breath a large, collective sigh of relief.*

*I’m sorry if I’m alienating anyone with my Yay-Saturday post. Just know that I’m with you in spirit on whatever day you designate your Sigh Of Relief Day. And if you’re an unfortunate soul who never gets a Sigh Of Relief Day, just know my heart goes out to you.


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