Stripes: Casual Friday?

Today I woke up and thought “I have absolutely no idea what to wear”. Not an uncommon thought, I figured I would be able to think of something while in the shower. But, no, I was still undecided after sudsing and rinsing. So I figured trying some clothes on would help. Again, nothing. I tried on about 4 outfits trying to incorporate an purple sweater I got on clearance at Target but the only result was my self esteem going down the drain rapidly (seriously, it made me look about 30 lbs heavier than I really am and I can’t remember how I wanted to style it when I bought it) and me standing in my underwear and socks staring at my closet.

This is my “how am I supposed to pick out an outfit” face.

Mornings like this drive me nuts. I just did laundry, I have plenty of clean clothes, I have tons of accessories, and yet I can’t pick anything to wear.

I stared at my closet starting to wonder whether or not I would be attending class in my skivvies until I remembered this band tee (not sure if you can see the whole band’s name but it is City and Colour and they are super awesome!) was sitting there practically demanding to be worn. And that’s when I decided, today is my casual Friday. Never mind that I am in college and wear jeans and a t-shirt all the time, today is my day to wear the crap out of a cool band shirt and make it stylish. That’s how the sweater and belt got there.  The outfit came right together once I could decide on the one piece I wanted to be “root” of my outfit.

Shirt: City & Colour tour (try their website maybe? Recent), Sweater: Target (old), Belt: Charlotte Rouse (recent), Jeans: The Gap (old).

Out of frustration can some an awesome outfit…if you give it time and wear what makes you happy, that is. Anyone else having a self-imposed casual Friday?


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