Sequins: Not Even Wild Horses Can Stop Me

From wearing wild horses. In the workplace.
Anyone remember that movie, Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken? It’s about spunky girl who gets into horse diving, and doesn’t let an accident that leaves her blind stop her. It’s one of the great things that emerged from the 90s, I’m pretty sure. Anyway, that movie is what I think of when I wear this shirt. That and really passionate things like “Not even wild horses can stop me”. Because those crazy colored doodles with curly loops? They’re passionate, wild and crazy horses. Better believe it. They’ve got fire and spunk.

They also live on the weirdest shaped dress/shirt ever. I saw it at my thrifting store for a good five times before I actually put it on, and then decided I loved it enough to have it. It was marked down to a whoppin’ $3, so I think the rest of the world may be slightly blind to how incredible this shirt is. Of course, I happen to be of the opinion that if you make an item of clothing $3, that radically increases the likelihood of me finding it incredible.

So I had a professional business lunch thing recently*, and one of the top execs I work with commented on my clothes (very friendly).

“Oh, you’re always wearing such bright colors and patterns!”

I smiled and told her the grayer the sky, the brighter my outfits get. She laughed. I made a silent promise to never move somewhere sunny, so I would always have the excuse.

Pants & Tank Top: thrifted H&M, Sweater: Target, Boots: Clarks

Truth is? I love color. I love bright, bold things. I love the comfort I have of not caring if things match each other “perfectly”. It’s so freeing, and my clothes are fun to put on in the morning!

Plus, seriously, what better way to start of the first “spring” month of March? I’m so excited for the daylight poking through my morning routines lately! I wake up at 5:30 every morning, and having it not be entirely pitch black outside before I head to work is just a dream come true. And, soon, it’ll be bright enough after work for bike riding to the beach to read!

*For the record, I totally wasn’t wearing this outfit when she said it. I was wearing black tights, bright purple floral dress, and a blue sweater with bright red polka dots. I do opt for not-denim on professional days.

**Also, do you love the “<3 Lando” tag on the door? Because I sure do. Stripes rolled her eyes at me, but I’ve been saying “I love you Lando Calrissian!” with my best swooney, fan girl voice ever since I saw that tag. And for you not-nerds out there, Lando Calrissian is a great anti-hero. He was seriously one of my favorite characters.

**Also also, have you entered a guess in Stripes’ and I’s game yet for a chance to win a handmade owl pin? Because you still can! Quick, go here!


4 responses to “Sequins: Not Even Wild Horses Can Stop Me

  1. oh I totally love that blouse.. the whole outfit goes so well together.. but I love that blouse.

    • Thanks! I’m a little obsessed with it, to be honest. It’s funny because it is so hit and miss amongst my friends. Most of them just laugh at its ridiculousness, but a small handful can see its amazing potential. I’m glad to know you get it!

  2. Ohhh that blouse is lovely! I am crazy about all things silky lately and what’s a better combo than a silky top with printed horses? 🙂

    • Thanks! This top is sooo silly, but definitely one of my favorites. I think the tag says it’s by Beulah?

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