Sequins & Stripes: Let’s Play A Game

We’re going to play a fun game– Four Truths & A Lie. This blog has been going on for a bit–almost six months–so it’s time to see how many readers we have, and how much they think they know about us. We’re each going to post a list of four things that are true and one lie, and you have to figure out which one thing we’re each lying about! We’ll even make it worth your while*…

*We’ll even give you something for it. A homemade owl pin, similar to this one (only blue). Make sure to include in your comment your guess for both Sequins’ and Stripes’ lies. We’ll select a random person from the comments (regardless of your responses. Let’s be real, we’re interesting people and if we didn’t write these together it would be a total shot in the dark for us, too!) to receive the pin. This giveaway is open until Saturday, March 3rd. We’ll announce the winner next Monday, as well as what we lied about, so check back then! (And no, nothing about this post is sponsored).

PS Also, our barista attacked Stripes while we took these. Look out!

Guess away!

-Stripes & Sequins

Edited: Did you want to see what it is we’re going to give you? We didn’t have a picture yesterday when we posted this, but now we do! You are entering for the chance to win your very own, handmade Owl Brooch!

**Giveaway is now closed! Stay tuned for others!**


4 responses to “Sequins & Stripes: Let’s Play A Game

  1. For Sequins: My guess is that the lie is you love driving your car.
    For Stripes: My guess is that the lie is you are terrified of worms.

    Can’t wait to see what the answer is (if I’m wrong or otherwise)! 🙂
    And even more excited to see if I can be the owner of a cute owl pin.

  2. Oh crud! My answers have already been taken by Violetcorniun…Just for the sake of choosing something different, I say owning a peacock for Sequins and co-piloting a plane for Stripes. Yep.

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