Stripes: What Do I Eat?

With all my crazy food allergies (seriously; coconut, peanuts, eggplant, pears, honey, swordfish…the list goes on) the biggest question I get is “What do you eat?!” I have to admit it is not easy and requires a ton of planning ahead but I am able to adapt just about anything into something I can eat it just sometimes takes a little effort and often times, when I don’t feel especially creative, I eat boring meals. (But really, that’s hugely affected by the fact that I am a busy college student, I usually have less than a half hour a day to dedicate to food preparation. If I had more time-ok, if it were a bigger priority to me, I would be able to make much more complicated and flavorful meals.) Since this is really one of the biggest questions I get asked, aside from what happens if you eat _____?!, I thought one “what I ate that day” food post might give the best insight into my eating habits.

Just a reminder that I am in no way qualified to tell anyone else what to eat or hand out medical advice…this is just what I eat on a somewhat daily basis.

Breakfast: Quinoa with Cinnamon & Brown Sugar and a cup of coffee.

I make my Quinoa in my rice maker while I get ready in the mornings. I do 1 part quinoa, 2 1/4 parts water, and a dash of cinnamon then set it and forget it (yes, I do say that EVERY TIME I turn on my rice cooker. I’m a creature of habit, what can I say?). This is one of three of my breakfast options (the other two being Rice Chex and Gluten Free, Egg Free french toast sticks made by Vans found in the Frozen foods section of my local Fred Meyers).

Lunch: Spinach Salad w/Raspberry Vinaigrette, an Apple, and a Banana.

I am usually in a rush for lunch so I grab easy to eat stuff. This lunch was a little light for me so I got this awesome chocolate bar! SUPER good and a surprise find on campus.

Dinner: I had round two of quinoa, admittedly I eat a lot of the same couple foods all the time. This time around I microwaved some of the leftovers from this morning. Its microwavability is one of the best parts of quinoa!

But I also had a variety of snacks throughout the day which are so varied because I happened to be traveling today so I just had to eat what I could find; potato chips, fruit leather, dried mango, a cup of coffee (not pictured), and some tortilla chips (also, not pictured). I also drink a ton of water throughout the day. 

Pretty much this is how I make my restrictions work on a college budget. I do make quinoa and corn pasta with meat sauce, dirty rice & red beans, and lots of homemade soup. I mainly go for easy to microwave, several serving meals with some sort of nutritional quality (even if it isn’t that great. but I figure I can get away with this for a good year or two longer :P).

If anyone has questions about what I eat , why I eat it, how I prepared it, or needs any suggestions about what to make for someone with a food allergy please do not hesitate to ask! I am a pretty open book when it comes to the food in my life.



2 responses to “Stripes: What Do I Eat?

  1. I know having allergies might be difficult, especially if u have so many! I’m vegetarian going vegan and trust me, becoming vegan is not easy at all, just because most of the food has some milk or egg in it!! I’m trying hard tho =)

    • I was [reluctantly] vegan for about a month and it was SO HARD but mainly because I have never considered myself to have enough willpower to cut out so many yummy foods (I mean, most chocolate has some form of dairy in it, and chocolate is my number one favorite food). When I got my diagnosis, I was already not eating meat and for the most part skipping dairy (this was the first of my allergies whose side effects made themselves known but I still ate dairy-full chocolate and tons of butter [we’re talking Paula Dean levels of butter]) and I used to eat eggs literally everyday. While I was detoxing I counted down until my body would be stable enough to handle the transition to meat because this level of willpower was so hard for me to maintain, so I applaud you for willingly choosing to avoid these foods because I don’t consider myself to have strong enough willpower to take them out on my own (now, make me want to puke and feel like I am dying when I eat eggs and dairy and you’d be surprised how much less appealing they suddenly seem :P!). I think it is so cool you have the drive to make this life change all on your own! My one really good vegan baking tip is to use applesauce in the place of eggs-applesauce is SO yummy!

      Also, one of the very first people I ever knew to go vegan was named Elle, so I think you’re set up for success in some weird, cosmic way!

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