Sequins: My Clothes Are The Same As The Chinese Population

“You can never count them all because of the rate of reproduction”*

For the most part, Monsieur manages to say nothing about the (obscene) amount of clothes. The other day, though, that joke slipped out. It’s pretty true, though, because I do have a lot of clothes. And I acquire them at a steady trickle rate. Every week, it seems, an article or two finds its way into my closet. I try pruning them out on a regular basis, but they just always seem to find a way in.

The sewing doesn’t help. I haven’t actually sewn an outfit in a while (which makes me really sad), but I had a total pencil-skirt-sewing kick for a while, there. This one is one of my favorites. I promise I didn’t intentionally sew it that short–it may have been sewn ten pounds ago (what? these things happen. especially when you have an obnoxious, impossible-to-cope-with stomach condition. oh, you thought Stripes was the only one with weird food issues? just wait till my post đŸ˜‰ ).

I think the best part of sewing your own clothes is that you can make whatever you want (my mom always has to remind me, so I’ll remember to tell you: in my world, sewing=drafting your own pattern). And you can make it in any fabric. It’s so exciting to just say “Hey, I want a pencil skirt”, and then five hours later, there it is!

The worst part of sewing? Definitely a toss up between seam allowances and breaking your needle. I have this paralyzing fear that a needle is going to snap off and fly right into my eye. Never mind I wear very thick, large glasses–it could happen! (I think)

The best compromise? Having someone else sew your clothes. The flower in my hair from the same local artist that made the sweatshirts Stripes & I are modeling in our All About Moose page!

*Seriously, though, is that an urban legend? Or true? I feel like it’s been a fact my whole life but I have no idea of it’s actually a fact. Sad. I should Wikipedia that…

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