Stripes & Sequins: Favorite Laptop

Every week thus far we have presented something that we own that is both similar (usually in function) but distinctly different (usually in style). This week, we thought we’d shake things up a little bit because we both actually have the exact same computer! Don’t you fear about us suddenly seeming *so* similar, we each have our own motives for why we chose MacBooks over PCs. (Also, we were not, in any which, way or form, paid to write this- though, it would be seriously awesome if Apple [ok, anyone] wanted to pay us to talk about why something is cool!)

Sequins My story isn’t nearly as long as Stripes, so I’ll go first. I have a Mac because I’ve always had a Mac. My family has always been a Mac family, and I’ve never seen any reason to change my ways. My dad has this really long drawn out story about printing something when him and my mother were newlyweds, some very important document, and the PC he had at the time would not work with the printer. Frustrated, he went out, bought a mac and mac printer, and then he came home, plugged it in, turned it on, and hit the very simple Print button (he tells it in a much longer format, but I’ve given you the shorthand). I love the design, I’m used to the structure, and it will always be the superior quality computer for doing one of my favorite hobbies: design! There are occasional moments where I feel the pang of no computer games, especially since Apple did away with backward compatibility, but honestly, I’m too much of a Mac fan to really change my ways now.

Stripes I would like to preface this with a slightly sad story. This summer I got a MacBook Pro and I was ecstatic! I loved it and I think it may have even loved me back a little. But, one night I came home from work and my Mac and backpack were MIA. After calling the police, it turned out that in my neighborhood (read: the areas surrounding my college campus) dozens of Macs, including iMacs, iPods, and MacBooks had been stolen in the last couple of months. I was so mad that no one had talked about it and, after doing a bunch of research on the internet because that’s what I do when anything new and remotely upsetting happens to me, I found out that Macs are stolen all the time!

So why did I buy another one? I love the design of my computer. The developers clearly put a ton of thought into the small details when making my computer. For example, the computer remembers what volume level you last had your headphone jack turned to so if the regular volume is all the way up and then you plug in your headphones, unlike my old PC, the computer self-adjusts the volume down so you don’t kill your ears/headphones. But beyond the small thrills, I love how easy the computer is to use. The trackpad lets me move between screens and control the page I am on in a way that my old PC just never let me do. I love the metal body of my MacBook Pro because it won’t chip like my old plastic PC which lost a chunk of plastic less than 2 years into it’s life. I think this is a really well thought out and beautifully designed computer that will proudly take me into my impending professional career.

Now to turn my sad, little story into a learning experience. I didn’t post that to bum people out but rather so I can share what I learned from the police and internet about how to keep your Mac safe because it sounds like stolen Mac products are fairly commonplace in the modern world. When the robbery happened to me, the robber was able to pop out the board we kept in our window (yes, the board everyone keeps in their windows and sliding glass doors to keep bad people out). So please screw the board into any easily accessed windows! Our landlord was more than happy to do that for us. Also, professional robbers are tracking how many Macs are in a building from outside using a handheld device (in all honesty, probably an iPhone) by reading the wireless and/or bluetooth signals from inside a building. So, If you have to leave your computer at home, make sure you turn off the wireless and bluetooth signals before you leave so someone walking down the street can’t figure out if you have a Mac, PC inside, or absolutely nothing inside. I also try to keep my Mac with me at all times and away from open windows as much as possible, I know it can be a pain, but it is much less likely to be stolen when it’s with you than when it is left unattended. I hope no one else has to go through the distress of having a computer stolen.

What about all of you, our lovely readers, are you Mac or PC lovers?

-Sequins & Stripes


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