Stripes: Awesome Stuff Sunday 2.19

I hope everyone’s weeks have been fabulous. Here are some things that I came across that are particularly awesome and felt like I should share…enjoy!

An easy how-to pastel your hair from Oh So Pretty! I’ve been considering adding some bright colors but this is was less expensive [and permanent] than dye.

If you like this underwater dog, you should follow this link to see the whole collection!

I’m really itching to sing a similar arrgangement of this…we’ll see if it’s in the cards for spring.

I don’t usually like’s articles too terribly much but I thought this one on what won’t make you happy in life was extremely well thought out. And as a bonus, they include a list of what really does, scientifically speaking, make you feel happy. (once again, I am a sucker for cute animals :P).

Ok, so I’d be lying if I said that Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir was new to me BUT he has been such a part of my week that I want to support his unqiue project by spreading the word. The most recent virtual choir submissions were due this last week or two (?) but I’m sure there will be more opportunities in the near future. For news, check out his facebook page!

Thanks for reading- I hope everyone has an awesome new week!



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