Sequins: My Talent for Talking

Sweater: H&M, Shirt: Thrifted, Dress: One Tree, Tights: Loft, Boots*: Clarks

…During photos, that is. It’s genetic–it is almost completely impossible to capture a photograph of my father without him being mid-word, and I’m finding that it’s pretty much true for me. Which I’m sure is a ton of fun for Stripes to have to compensate for every photo session.

Oh and also during movies. I’m totally one of those people and it got so bad on Valentine’s that during the movie MOnsieur rented for our romantic, cuddley, stay-at-home-in-sweatpants evening, I started talking about the social lives of some bloggers I read and he stopped responding.

“Do you not want to hear about them?” I ask.

“Wait? I was… just watching the movie, babe,” He responded.

Point taken.

It’s also super hard to take a picture where I’m holding still. This skirt’s super fun pleats, though, made holding still not very appealing. Also, you know, it may have been super short and I may have had to shake it out to ensure it was laying as low as possible. Maybe.

Also I don’t hold still during movies. Is it just me? I feel like I’m incapable of watching a movie without a sketchpad in my hands, or a piece of crochet. It just doesn’t work otherwise.

This whole layering-a-shirt-with-a-tie-collar-under-a-dress style might be my new favorite thing. Or, rather, old favorite thing since I’m pretty sure I’ve been doing it since the dawn of time. Or something like that. Also this outfit makes me super happy with the shirt-with-tie look. Also because I might be in love with 99% of the things in her wardrobe. And her hair (but not enough to actually grow my own out…).

Flashy pose and we’ll call it good!

*See those boots? Yeah they’re new. I hope you want to know why I have new boots, because I’m definitely going to tell you. The day I bought them I was wearing these absolutely perfect 90s black riding boots with a two inch square heel that I found for (I kid you not) $3.00 at Goodwill. But, apparently, $3.00 shoes from Goodwill have a 3 year shelf life. Because not one, but BOTH heels exploded on my walk to work, and I was flapping like a pidgeon-toed duck until I managed to make it to the shoe store on my lunch break. I had a coupon, though, so I wasn’t too upset about buying a new pair of shoes. Plus, these are super friggin’ awesome. I have to work really hard not to wear them every single day (I even almost wore them on my romantic weekend getaway to the big city, but then I remembered that I like dressing up, especially for the most perfect guy ever).


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