Stripes: The Unexpected

Sometimes ridiculously silly just kind of happen and Sequins was able to catch a rather unexpected moment on her camera. At this exact second a guy on a bike happened to sneak up on us in our little ally, we made super intense eye contact, and both burst out laughing.

And this is me watching him ride away. This was just one of those unexpected moments that you are so unprepared for that all you can do is laugh really hard. I seriously felt like I had to share this with you all seeing as Sequins managed to get decent pictures as the events unfolded.

I also am trying out a new pair of earrings that I found at target for 75% off…a very different by also rather awesome unexpected happenstance in my life recently. I’m finally getting into gold jewelry which is awesome because for the last 10-12 years (essentially since I realized you could get a platinum wedding ring instead of traditional gold…not white gold but, yes, exceedingly expensive platinum) of my life I actively fought against wearing gold. This has been a fun transition into the world of gold and I honestly feel the slightest big of rebellion every time I wear anything that’s not silver (white gold…ect).

Shirt, Skirt, & Tights: Target (old), Sweater: Old Navy (old), Shoes: Lucky Brand (recent), Earrings: Dana Kellin via Target (recent), Bracelet: Alex & Ani via Nordstrom (recent).

Anyone else have some weird or unexpected experience this week? I always feel like things like this make me live in the present and I love that, how do you feel about them? Love them? Hate them? Never had one?



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