Stripes & Sequins: Favorite Mugs

After several mug mishaps (including my last which was bumped off a desk and shattered…yes it was a travel mug, and yes, it was the day after I bought it), I finally found this mug and I LOVE it! It is the perfect Stripes travel mug; classic yet slightly modern look, unique but not too obscure color, it holds just the right amount of coffee, and it keeps my drinks warm for hours. And, as you can see, it is the opposite of Sequin’s mug in almost every way possible.

I have totally already featured this mug on the blog before, and probably will again–I love this mug. Even if it is chipped. I’m constantly afraid I’m going to break it, it is completely impractical for any mode of transportation beyond small amounts of walking, and it’s too large to be considered practical, but it makes me happy because it is the most colorful thing on my desk, and Melville’s quote is the perfect pick-me-up for the occasional workplace blues.

What kinds of mug does everyone else out there use on a daily basis? Anyone else require an excessively durable mug? What about ones that are one of a kind? What’s your favorite drink to put in your mug?

-Stripes & Sequins


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