Stripes: Sunday’s Favorite Things 2.12

As I’ve been working on my music posts I have realized that I don’t actually listen to as much music as it seemed like I did. So, in order to keep Sunday’s interesting, I’m going to try to do a weekly “favorites” post filled with the coolest things that came my way each week including pinterest, music, other blogs, new articles, and whatever else the internet has to offer. Hope you enjoy!

I love Cori’s (from La Vie Petite) outfit. 

I’m really glad Sequins showed me this fellow Gap jeans loving blogger!

I am really excited to make a set of these dishes!

I LOVE Ellen and I don’t think anyone could have said all this better than she did.

One thing I’m not sure I’ve properly conveyed this far into the blog is how much I adore cute animal pictures…I am such a sucker for animals in precarious situations.

Here’s some Nickel Creek to chill out with on this lovely Sunday afternoon. Also, sorry the video’s images are kind of lame, the official music video had really bad sound quality so I had to go with this guy instead.

The Titanic 3D website has been released…savor the soundtrack! Cause it’s not like I listened to it the whole time I wrote this post or anything.

Thanks for reading; I hope everyone has a great Monday!



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