Stripes: Who is Sequins Kidding, is it SUMMER yet?!

I’m sure my fellow collegiate friends understand this statement oh so much, I can’t wait for summer to come! Between midterms, huge reading lists, work, and extra a’capella rehearsals I can’t wait for some sunshine and freedom. Winter quarters always feel like this, though, because they are the shortest, darkest quarters of the academic year. 

This most certainly is how I feel this week. With everything thats been going on, I have been stressed and pushing my limits. Which admittedly has been great. I mean, yes I am exhausted and I can’t wait for it all to be over so I can go back to being relaxed (well, as relaxed as I get anyways) but I also realize that for the first time I am really handling all this stress like an adult and I’m proud of that.

When I was in training to become a manager at my old job, I was working a shift where I was supposed to have a teammate helping me do the work, but he was not so great at staying focused so I ended up doing both our jobs. I mentioned this to one of my fellow senior managers and his response was “It’s just practice for the future”. To say this was not the answer I was looking for would be an understatement but I have learned from it. Life does throw at lot as us all at once and sometimes it’s overwhelming, but, really, all you can do is take it with grace, work your hardest, and realize that you are going to be better apt to handle whatever may come your way in the future because of your experiences today. And so I’ve been working really hard to not let the stress eat away at me too much, of course it gets the better of me from time to time but all in all I am finally transitioning into a “grown up” (read: healthy, mature, and rational) way of dealing with stress.

Shirt & Sweater: Target (both; old), Jeans: Gap (old), Shoes: Lucky Brand (recent).

Anyone else in the middle of a stressful time? How are you coping? Anyone else dying for some warm sunshine and a day off from life?



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