Stripes: Shining My Shoes

I’ve come to realize that my leather goods require a bit more attention than much of the rest of my wardrobe. This fact became blaringly obvious when I realized just how scuffed my black work shoes had gotten after only a couple months of use. So I decided to man up and learn how to shine my shoes!

Nope that’s not the glare of the flash on my right shoe, that’s the excessive scuffing. 

This is seriously the simplest thing you can do to freshen up a worn down wardrobe. I was a little intimidated going into the shining process because I’ve never once shined my shoes (actually, I had been thinking of just buying a new pair because I thought they were to worn down to be shined) so I wasn’t expecting much to come from this adventure which is why there isn’t a legitimate before picture of my shoes; I realized after one shoe that this is the coolest thing ever (my life is pretty boring) so I whipped out my camera and caught the rest of the process. That’s why in the picture above the left shoe looks so nice and the right one looks so not.

The only supplies I needed were:

  • Scuffed Shoes
  • Black Shoe Polish (which I borrowed from a guy friend because men shine their shoes a lot more frequently than women it seems)
  • 2 old Washcloths (one cut in half and used to apply the polish to the shoe and one for the shoe to sit on while it dried)

To start, you’re going to want to do this in a well ventilated room because the polish packs quite the chemically smell. As far as shining the shoes, you just want to rub the rag on the polish then wipe the polish on the shoe. I let it sit for a couple seconds then buff it off with a clean part of the rag. I did two layers on some of the more scuffed parts of the shoes near the bottom but I was shocked that the polish matched the original sheen of the shoes. I swear this stuff is magic.

And so you have it, shoes that look as good as new!

Anyone else have any small tips to easily brighten up a wardrobe? or shocked by their first shoe shining experience!? I swear this stuff is magic!



2 responses to “Stripes: Shining My Shoes

  1. Saddle soap is quite inexpensive and when applied, after the polish and rubbed with a lot of elbow grease (easiest while wearing the shoe and using a back and forth motion across the toe and around the heel) and a chamois, you get even more sparkly shine! Big Lots has Chamois cheap and it’s a great investment!

    • How funny! I totally bought some for my leather boots last week! I’ll have to shine them a little longer than I did this time because, while they are super clean and look a lot better than they did, they aren’t all that shiny. Guess I’ll have to make a trip to Big Lots soon!

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