Sequins & Stripes: Favorite Eyewear

After realizing that we both have a ton of similar possessions that are stylistically unique to each of us, we thought it would be fun to do a weekly compare and contrast post. You can read the initial post here. We hope you enjoy the series!

Nerd Glasses!

  Like everything else in my life, I like options. I actually have four pairs of glasses (three functional) and I alternate between two main ones. My black with glitter have been in a ton of old photos on the blog, but my absolute favorite pair is the red one. Red has to be hands down my favorite color to accessorize in, so of course red glasses are a must! I used to have a red pair in middle school, and even though they were my only pair, I never wanted for a different, more basic color! And, of course, it’s only a bonus that I share my stylings with my super sassy barrista at my favorite local coffee shop!

 Unlike Sequins, I only have one pair of glasses which I don’t wear all that often. I only really wear them while in class or driving mainly because it is kind of a pain to wear them in the rain up here which (will be true until they figure out how to make glasses with defoggers and windshield wipers). But I love the classic (read: non-flashy) style of my glasses. It’s funny because as a kid my mom always had faux tortoise shell glasses and I always thought that if I ever had glasses I would choose anything but that kind of material…apparently love for tortoise shell is genetic because I LOVE these glasses. And, I always feel like Tina Fey when I wear them so how could they not be awesome?!


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