Stripes: Trying New Things

If there is one thing I have learned in the last 5 years of college, it’s that trying new things is awesome. I think back to who I was before I came out of my shell and started trying new stuff and I think my transformation is crazy. I grew up in the same small town from the time I was born until I moved to college so there weren’t all that many options to try new things so I became rather complacent and, to be honest, boring. When I got to college I was scared. Who isn’t? New town. New friends. New life. And that’s just it, it was my new life, though, it took me a couple years to fully realize it.

Now, I feel like I have had the chance to try so many things. I’ve sung in a college a’capella group, I’ve directed an a’capella group (a dream I didn’t even realize I had until I was thrown into the position to do it), I’ve lived on an alpaca ranch (that’s a really cool story I’ll have to tell ya some other time), I’ve tried a ton of sports (most recently, climbing…such a good workout!), I’ve tried a ton of new fashion styles, but most importantly, I’ve meet some really amazing people while doing all of these new things.

Now, after all the adventures, tough times, and celebrations these people have become a strange sort of fixture in my life. We’re all at that age where we are leaving each other for new experiences: jobs, marriage, babies, pure adventure. And I miss them but I also realize that it’s all the start of more new things. If you would have told me a year ago that I would be doing all the things I am doing today, I would have never for a second believed you and yet, today, it all seems so natural. So I now I wonder what my life will look like in a year from now. What new things will I have tried? Where will I go? What adventures will I go on?

Shirt & Skirt: The Gap (Shirt: old, Skirt: recent-from Gap Outlet), Sunglasses: Ray Ban (old), Belt: Wet Seal (old), Leggings: Ann Taylor Loft Outlet (recent), Coat: H&M (old), Gloves: Ugg via Nordstrom Rack (recent), Boots: Lucky Brand via Dillards (recent).

Have you accomplished anything you never even knew you wanted to? How have you changed? And does anyone out there have any suggestions for how I should take care of my leather boots? They’re starting to look a little shabby and I want these babies to last!



2 responses to “Stripes: Trying New Things

  1. Horizontal stripes don’t work for a lot of people, but you made it look great.


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