Stripes: Those Classic Niceties That Seem Forgotten

You know, some days I wonder if I was born in the wrong era. Don’t get me wrong, I love my automatic car, internet, and cell phone but I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to live in an era long gone.

One where people brought dinners over to their neighbors when they are sick, where people actually use the US Postal Service to mail letters, to write letters that actually give in depth updates about your life (I have an aunt who does this all the time. It amazes me how well she has mastered the life update on only one stationary card), where you help shovel your neighbors driveways when it snow, where people come together just to just sit and talk.

And yet I realize that I can make the effort to do these things. I know that I have grown up in a generation where all of these niceties are long forgotten but now that I am an adult I can choose to do what I want. As I grown into my own person I have made an active decision to do my best to bring these (and many other) small gestures back to reality.

Sweater & Top: Old Navy (both old), Jeans: The Gap (old), Shoes: Lucky Brand (recent).

Anyone else out there missing the old school small gestures?



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