Sequins: Cheetahs & Horses & Birds, Oh My!

**Hey all, I’m actually out of town right now visiting my family, and my mom and I have a really fun all-day extravaganza planned, so I figured I’d pull this outfit post from off the dusty shelves. It was taken during the Snowpocalypse, thus the snow boots. Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!

This outfit was put together with some help from Monsieur–he always likes to have a say (especially when he knows I’m going to ask him to photograph it on our lunch date). This outfit started out really uncomplicated but every time I asked him if changing something bland (say, for instance, jeans) into something funky (a cheetah print skirt), he kept nodding yes.

Shirt & Skirt: Thrifted, Tights: Sojourner, Sweater: Nordstroms, Boots: Sorel, REI

I think all the nature motifs on my outfit are helping me blend in with the natural environment surrounding me (because I’m totally surrounded by cheetahs during my nature walks…). Can you count the animal prints?


Can you count them all now?

Yeah I might have been a little excited about all the animal-related clothes in my wardrobe. But I think the mere fact that I didn’t wear my deer head necklace means I didn’t take the obsession too far. Yet.

Also, in case you’re wondering what my hair looks like when I don’t spend hours blow drying/straightening it, this is it. As it grows out it just keeps getting more and more awkwardly wavy.

2 responses to “Sequins: Cheetahs & Horses & Birds, Oh My!

  1. Very striking and fun!

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