Stripes: Windy!

Man this week has had the craziest weather! First there was snow, then there was wind, now there is wind and rain. Bleh, some days it is much harder to love the Northwest than others.

This horribly rushed photo captures the rain off to the left there. MAN! I am not exaggerating (you can ask Sequins), but those raindrops were enormous! There were so many of those raindrops all of the sudden that we decided to take our pictures in the drive through of a bank that was on the way to the ally we were originally going to go to. It was insane out there!

Shirt: Target (recent-ish), Belt: American Eagle, Jeans: The Gap Outlet (recent), Boots: Lucky Brand (recent-ish).

What’s more rediculous is the fact that a guy pulled up behind us and watched us take pictures. Ok, so he was using the drive thru window and not just trying to creep on us, but still, this moment may take the cake for our ballsiest photoshoot to date.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and stays dry out there (though today was super sunny up here, so I guess that storm was well worth it). Has anyone else been having crazy weather? Anyone actually like the rain? If so, I know a great town for you to live in! Anyone have any suggestions for a slightly more discrete rainy day photoshoot place?


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