Stripes & Sequins: Favorite Bags

After realizing that we both have a ton of similar possessions that are stylistically unique to each of us, we thought it would be fun to do a weekly compare and contrast post. You can read the initial post here. We hope you enjoy the series!

I got this bag for Christmas in 2009 after lusting after Lucky Brand bags for years (sensing a trend? Yeah, I LOVE Lucky Brand!). I loved to go to Macy’s and just clutch the stylish leather wallets, bags, and satchels dreaming of the day I would own one. And then I got one and it has seriously been everything I could ask for in a bag. I love how well the leather has held up and that the constant Northwest rains have had little to no effect on the leather. I also can fit everything I need in it including (but not limited to): wallet, make-up, notebooks, books, my laptop, gloves, and a snack all at once.

This purse also is a little sentimental as it was my first big wardrobe investment piece. I know I am going to be able to use it for years and I still get as many compliments on it today as I did on the first month I had it. Also, to my surprise, I also have felt little temptation to even look at other purses since I got this one because it really is my dream bag and why fix what isn’t broken?

This bag first caught my eye after I finally invested in a new laptop. I knew I wanted something that would keep my precious laptop safe, as well as something that would serve as a purse. The reviews I read initially commented on the limited space–saying even that it wouldn’t hold a charger or wallet. I was warned that my bag wouldn’t hold more than my laptop and possibly a thin notebook. I accepted the inevitable, and reminded myself that the top priority was mainly my laptop. So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I saw that it would, indeed, hold everything I need!
In addition to my laptop, of which you can see a glimpse of its shiny corner, this bag holds two books (I’m only thirty pages from the end of Siege of Krishnapur, so I live in constant fear that I’ll finish it without a replacement book), my sketchbook, my planner, my wallet, charger and phone. I’m not sure what computer the others girls who bought this bag have, but mine is plenty small enough! Yay!


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