Stripes: Snowpocalypse Continues

Snowpocalypse 2012 continues in our little Northwest town! Admittedly there is not *that* much snow up here, but what’s different about our snow from other places’ is that ours is wet and turns to ice really easily. And have we mentioned that all of the Northwest is built on hills? Yeah, terrible combination. I think this article really outlines why people shouldn’t be quite so quick to call us total whimps…though it is funny to think about how much we’ve all been changing our routines and plans because of a measly 2 inches of snow.
I have been really excited, however, to get to wear my snow boots for a week straight. Usually they live under my bed waiting for our normal two days of snow and the occasional trip to the mountains for some snowboarding-but this week they’ve been taking me all over town! I also LOVE wearing so many layers. “Layers?! She’s not wearing that much clothing!” you may be saying to yourself. But I am actually wearing a ton of hidden layers under this stylish outfit. I’ve got my snowboarding thermals (Little Hotties Brand, seriously amazing!) and a pair of soccer socks on under my jeans as well as a tank top on under my shirt. And that scarf is way warmer than you’d expect…or at least than I expected the first time I really layered with it and was covered in sweat because I was overheating.

Coat: H&M (old), Scarf: Salvaged (old), Gloves: F21 (recent), Shirt & Jeans: Gap (old, both), Boots: The North Face (old).

And of course, my silly picture. It was about 5 degrees out with the windchill when I unbuttoned my coat! This was one of the first times Sequins and I have questioned our own sanity while taking pictures. Man it was cold!!

How’s everyone else’s weather? I read the Midwest is getting hit soon…stay warm folks!



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