Sequins: The Perfect Snow Day

Our area gets fairly consistent snow, but I think collectively we as a community forget that, since it never snows until mid to late January. We also get a decent snowfall every other year or so in Thanksgiving, but I think by January we’ve given up believing the forecast. So when it dumps a foot of snow overnight, the whole town is in this beautiful state of sparkley white shock.

Coat: JCPenny, Dress: thrifted, Jacket: local crafter, Tights: Target (with leggings underneath), Boots: Sorel from REI, Cowl: handmade (crocheted by me), Earwarmers: gift

Stances differ drastically on who you ask, but I friggin’ love the snow. I’m a pedestrian/biker who doesn’t even have a license, and I live in walking distance to everything I need, so I never feel inconvenienced enough by the snow to hate on it. Plus I grew up in the desert, so cold weather will perpetually hold a deep fascination with me. The trick is just preparing for the cold! My handmade cowl and (non-homemade) earmuffs did the trick perfectly

Monday was a work holiday (thanks, Martin Luther King Jr!), which meant that I actually got to enjoy a snow day instead of watching the flakes fall down out my window. Monsieur and I bundled up and spent the entire day literally walking all the way around town (which goes to show how small it actually is). We encountered a surprising amount of snowmen.

The whole day was entirely magical, as well as perfect for an indie film (I mean, seriously, me and my mister walking around the town encountering all types of people we’re familiar with. A hipster indie film is just dying to be made from that). It’s supposed to snow throughout the rest of the week (haha yeah we’ll see…), but I’m just really grateful that I got to spend Monday taking advantage of my small town in all it’s beautiful, winter glory.


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