Stripes: The Snow Is Here

Winter has finally hit mine and Sequin’s little town! In the 5 years I’ve lived up here this is the latest we’ve ever had a first snow of the season. Luckily, it means snow is still fun rather than just annoying. And it means it’s our first time being able to post pictures of our snow gear!This is my attempt at posing with a tree…

This is me and the tree sharing a wistful moment together while looking off onto the yonder. It was one of those deep moments…or I might have burst into laughter as soon as the picture was taken, you know, cause I’m such a pro modeler.

Coat: Body Glove (old), Zip Up: Paradox (old), Tank Top & Belt: American Eagle (old), Jeans: Gap (old), Boots: The North Face (old), Gloves: Forever 21 (recent).

And this is what was inside the coat. Judging by the forecasts, we’re going to have a few more winter wonderland posts in the next couple of days-what a fun break of pace?!

Is anyone else out there getting a ton of snow? Anyone want snow? Anyone totally over the snow?



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