Sequins & Stripes: Favorite Planner

After realizing that we both have a ton of similar possessions that are stylistically unique to each of us, we thought it would be fun to do a weekly compare and contrast post. We hope you enjoy the series!


Sequins:I’ve successfully made the shift to using my planner for work instead of academics. With a set schedule of 8:00 – 5:00, there is less of a need to record my hours. Now what I require is a monthly view of my calendar contrasted to a weekly view, and corresponding colors to the different elements of my job. Color coordination aside, I use my Outlook calendar for most of work stuff–What I absolutely love my planner for is balancing work and social–I use purple to note my lunch dates, photo sessions with Stripes, Doctor Who dates with my friends, and out of town trips with Monsieur. Something about seeing those in my work life increases my productivity–it’s the carrot, if you shall.

The size of my planner is my favorite part. It’s designed for 8.5 x 11 papers, which means I can store my notes and handouts without them getting wrinkly. The eco-friendly printing is a bonus, but the size is hands down the main reason I picked the one I have over a Moleskin.


Being a rather busy student, a reliable planner is a must for remembering where I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to be doing at any given time. Between weird class schedules, work, a’capella rehearsals, meetings, plans with friends, and making time for the gym it is really easy to forget what I need to accomplish in a day or even where I need to be at any given time. This is where my planner comes in.

This year I finally broke down and bought the Moleskine planner of my dreams and have yet to regret it. I LOVE Moleskine products because the yellow pages are much easier on the eyes than plain white which reflect back too much light. Did I mention I am a little OCD? I am a big journaler and for I tried my hardest to stave off my desire to transition from inexpensive plain journals to Moleskines but about a year ago I couldn’t resist any longer. So I gave in, and now I am an addict. 

Unlike Sequins who color codes her plans, I just try to keep everything chronological. I love making lists which is why I love the blank page next to the days of the week page. That way I have plenty of space to write all the reading, phone calls, and non-scheduled priorities I need to accomplish each week. It keeps the where I need to be side free of clutter so I can be as efficient as possible when I need to make plans.

And there you have it; our planners. While their functions (and covers…to an extend anyways, I mean mine *is* a Moleskine after all :P) are similar, each of our planners have several different key features and we each have our own system for organizing our lives.

We’d love to hear what you’d like to see on our blog, so do you have any suggestions for things you would like to see on the compare/contrast series?


4 responses to “Sequins & Stripes: Favorite Planner

  1. I have to go with Stripes on this one. Classic black, and compact are the two most important parts to my planner. Although eco-friendly would be a trifecta of awesomeness.

    Sadly, I’ve moved on to Week Planner app for iPhone; it rocked my world. What can I say, iphones take over your life.

    Nice Blog!

    • Aw thanks! I was close to moving to my iCalendar this last year but I am a sucker for written word (especially when I get to use a Moleskine). Though, if I end up going the way of the iPhone when I upgrade in the fall I will probably join you on the tech side of things, Mac makes it almost too easy to coordinate your life…and while I’m a sucker for written work I am a bigger sucker for organization and efficiency.

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