Sequins: Celebrating Whiskey Day!

Happy Whiskey Day, everyone!
What, you didn’t know it was Whiskey Day? Well, that might be because I’m the one who declared that Saturday, January 14th, official Whiskey Day. What, you don’t dedicate themes to every day? Yesterday was Be Nice To A Stranger Day (no joke, I had five random strangers say “Good Morning” on my walk to work) and tomorrow is Do A Girlie Craft Day (Stripes and I have some Pinterest-worthy plans. Don’t worry, there will be pictures). The only real thing required for declaring a day of your own is some sass and determination (but a DIYed letter banner doesn’t hurt!)

Vest Shoes & Jacket: Thrifted; Shirt & Tights: Target; Socks: Modsock; Scarf: Campus

Celebrating Whiskey Day
It’s a pretty easy holiday to celebrate, even if you’re not a whiskey fan. It’s mostly an excuse to dress like a grumpy old man, watch belligerent and gritty movies, and add a snarky tone to your theme. Some of my friends might argue that this is my standard Saturday, but don’t listen to the haters! Raise your glass, put on your comfortable pants and sweater vest, turn on Tombstone and enjoy Whiskey Day!

(Oh, and it doesn’t hurt if you happen to have a pair of Whiskey-flavored socks…)
**Note: the banner is totally a legit Pinterest challenge, based off of this pin! Although the more I stare at that pin, the more I really just want to make that exact banner… I probably will soon

3 responses to “Sequins: Celebrating Whiskey Day!

  1. that jacket is great! you could totally dress it up too

    • Thanks! I usually do dress it up; I think this is the first time I’ve worn it for the weekend. It’s super comfortable!

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