Sequins: Lunch Date

This outfit is one of my more boring ones, yet perfect for a long day at the office punctuated in the middle by a lunch date with Plaid.

Sweater: H&M
Skirt: Gap Outlet
Scarf: Thrifted
Tights: Macy’s (gift)

Its simplicity makes it an ideal outfit for a reflective post similar to Stripes’ Growing Up post.

My “daily uniform” used to consist of jeans, sneakers and black shirts. I seriously had like five pair of black shirts that I would rotate through, wearing them with black fleece pullovers. My hair was much longer back then, and always in a messy bun. That was (almost) literally the only thing I would wear.

Which, if you think about it, made the fact that my closet was full of skirts and dresses a bit unfortunate. I wasn’t brave enough to wear skirts–I was pretty sure I’d stick out like a sore thumb in the high school I went to, and I managed to convince myself that even if I was brave enough to wear one, I’d end up wearing it “wrong” (whatever that meant), so I should stick to the basics.

Going to college was a pretty pivotal life-changing moment for me, because that was when I grew the courage to wear skirts. My style in college was way different than it is now, for sure. The neon yellow “I ❤ the 80s” shirt paired with a mini bubble gray-black striped skirt is an outfit of the past, and will pretty much never make a  reappearance (thank goodness).

What stayed was my courage–being brave enough to wear an outfit for the sole quality of me wanting to wear it is pretty big. It’s what I need to wear bright pink tights, or finger painted horse print shirt (oh, has that still not managed an appearance on the blog? Just you wait, folks. Just you wait). My courage definitely gets bolstered by the online fashion community, who have me completely convinced that wearing a sweater  backwards is a-okay (although I won’t lie, I still giggle a little, and don’t plan on adopting that trend anytime soon).

Being brave enough to be the person I want to be, defined by what clothes I wear or what I read, or what I want to talk about, is definitely the big hurdle I faced growing up. And now all our online readers get to reap that benefit when they get to giggle over pictures of my ridiculous pink tights, or a crow skull necklace!


2 responses to “Sequins: Lunch Date

  1. To: Sequins & Stripes
    You guys are just too cute! Have fun in what you do!

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