Stripes: I’m Growing Up

As I mentioned on my post about skinny jeans, I am in that weird transition from youth to actual adult. I know, we all thought weird transitions would end with puberty but oh were we wrong. Having been a college student for nearly 5 whole years now I have amassed an insane number of t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, and tennis shoes. And to be honest, I feel so at home wearing those articles of clothing. Maybe it’s just that I am still adjusting to wearing stylish clothes but throwing on a t-shirt at the end of the day is like one big, snuggly hug. But I also realize that I take myself much more seriously when I wear an actual outfit instead of that t-shirt I got junior year of high school and those jeans that got that stain from that one time at work and those shoes I’ve had for 3? no 4 years. But as I am growing up I have made learning how to style my clothes rather than just throw them on a serious priority. And I like what I see even if it takes a lot more effort.

 Maybe I always do a million silly poses because I see myself as more serious while being all stylish and must counterbalance it with my usual ridiculous self.What’s funny to me is that I regard myself as an extremely serious person. I always have been. If you asked me in the 3rd grade (6th grade and 12th grade, too) what I was going to do when I grew up I could have told you my exact plan of how I would go to college, get married, be a teacher, have kids, what their names were going to be, where I wanted to live, and how old I planned to be when I retired. I was one serious munchkin.

But these days, I have realized that stuff changes at the drop of a hat and that plans are great but rarely go as hoped. In those situations you have two options, you can be sad and stressed that life is not going according to plan and worry about the future or just laugh about it, find a creative solution, and keep moving forward because life happens but it should never hold you back from what is important to you. This change in mentality has been HUGE for me in the last three years. Maybe it’s all just a part of growing up-just like wearing “big girl clothes”.

Coat: H&M (old), Gloves: Ugg via Nordstroms Rack (recent), Cuff: Express (old), Sweater: Romy (old), Belt: PacSun (old), Tank Top: American Eagle (old), Jeans: The Gap Outlet (new), Boots: Lucky Brand via Dillards (recent).

 So, our many lurkers (we know you’re there!!) I’m asking you: Have you been through any awesome life changing times? How did you handle the stress of everything in your life changing? Did you have a hard time going through the weird transition from youth to adult (I mean, seriously I can’t be the only person who has experienced this, right? Man, I hope not…)?



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