Sequins: How To Steal Your Stepsister’s Dress Without Her Ever Knowing

I’m pretty proud of this tutorial–I feel like I’ve been training for it most of my life. I started off as an amateur, stealing my sister’s sweaters and then pretending I didn’t know what she was talking about, but I’ve progessed. Oh how I’ve progressed. So sit back and learn how to steal someone’s outfit (anyone’s, really) without them ever knowing (or complaining!)

Step One: Fall in Love
This is the most important step, since it will determine how the rest of the process goes. I fell in love with the dress my stepsister, Kitty * wore on the New Year’s Day photoshoot my dad hosted. Also featured is her partner in crime, Levin*, who is also dressed pretty snazzy.
Kitty* was kind enough to snap a picture of the dress with her phone for you all to see the details. Note that it came with a belt, but Kitty did not find it worthy of wearing, nor myself worthy of replicating. The simple, classic details of the dress were enough.

Step Two: Get To Know One Another
The outfit, that is, not the person you’re thieving from. After the dress kept popping up in my brain, I pieced together why I liked it:

  • The color. I’m a sucker for red
  • The lace–I love the texture of the dress
  • The ease with which you can dress it up and down
  • The tight fitting top and neckline combined with the fullness of the skirt
  • The length–mostly I’m just jealous of her height and ability to pull off that length!

Step Three: Go Shopping!
Hand’s down, this was my favorite part. Since neither my stepsister nor I are in the habit of shopping for new clothes (her dress was courtesy of her local Goodwill), I didn’t even entertain the notion of going anywhere other than my favorite thifting store. Fortunately, I was super lucky! My first trip there I found the following three dresses:

bonus points: it quickly became monsieur’s favorite, and he’s put in a special request that it make an appearance at our next date night.

 bonus: it’s the perfect replacement for a purple dress I had a while ago that is awkwardly tight in all the wrong places, and strangely ruffled.

bonus: the length! I was actually avoiding matching the lengths, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how much I liked it!

Step Four: Enjoy!
If you’ve successfully followed all the steps, you should now have at least one wonderful dress that was acquired in a way that doesn’t lead to devastating rifts in the family! Enjoy!

*Names and faces of the innocent were protected. My stepsister isn’t actually named Kitty, nor is her partner in crime named Levin. They are, however, adorable enough to deserve the names of the most classic love story I know of.  If my reference confuses you, I would recommend this link (but know that it doesn’t do full justice to the adorableness of that particular plot line).


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