Sequins: What I’m Reading, Early January

In our ever-constant evolution of how Stripes and I are defining this space, I figured I’d share with you all what I’m. Particularly because one of them was inspired by one of my fasion-blogging-favorites, What Would A Nerd Wear.

I always tend to juggle two to four books at a time. It will vary, but I’ve found that what works for me is one nonfiction, one fiction, and sometimes one more fiction, but only if it’s “fluffy”.

The Siege of Krishnapur, J.G. Farrell

I picked this one up on this recommendation last time I was in Powell’s during my Portland trip with Monsieur (yes, I know she actually recommended a different one, but I had some logic for why I picked this one up first. I think I read a different recommendation for it along side her’s… But it is super weird for me to read a trilogy out of order). I had to finish a few others on my list, but once the New Year’s holiday celebrating was over, I managed to sit down and start it.

I’m totally digging it! I know I tend to get bogged down in my reading list, so sometimes to just pick up a book at random without a whole lot of background info and set up can be a relief. The book is super snarky and witty, with some pretty dark undertones. I’m about a third of the way through it and while it works well as a stand-alone, I’m pretty convinced I’ll read Troubles and probably Singapore Grip as well.

The Next 100 Years, George Friedman

One of my brother-in-laws and I’s shared hobbies is nerding out over geopolitics. We’re constantly sharing Stratfor articles back and forth, and comparing books I’ve read about the middle east with his experience from two tours in Iraq. If you haven’t heard of Stratfor, and have an interest in geopolitics, I’d really recommend checking it out. The website is down right now (ed: nope, it’s finally back up! Check it out here), but it’s worth a Google search, I promise (and if you disagree, I’d love to hear why–disagreement and debates are excellent, yeah?).

Friedman is the founder of Stratfor as well as the author of my non-fiction pick for the month, The Next 100 Years. It’s a bit of a popcorn politics books, but I’m still really enjoying it. While it’s easy to blow parts of it off as too out there, or overreaching his ability to predict, I respect that he lays a solid foundation for his argument. This doesn’t make it foolproof, but rather, it gives you the fodder to pick away at his arguments and allow you to determine for yourself whether or not you agree with what he posits. I’m halfway through this one, which is a bit of a bummer–it’s going a smidge faster than I’d like. I need it to last me until they have their website up and running again!

How about you?

I’d love to hear what our readers are reading, aside from our blog! My favorite way to expand my reading list is hearing what others are passionate about–so you should feel free to delurk! And share!


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