Stripes: Clark Kent?

While I was getting dressed today I totally felt like Clark Kent. I love it! I am a serious nerd  so this outfit was really fun to put together. Originally, I was just going to wear the white button down but I decided the outfit really need a little something so I threw on the llama shirt for a pop of color. The only thing that would have been better would have been a sweater vest…I see myself investing in one soon. My cousin got me these gloves for Christmas and I love them! Sequins snagged a picture of them before I took them off for the real outfit pictures.

My outfit, seeing as it made me feel like Clark Kent, made me remember a post by another blogger I read, Charlotte Hilton over at The Great Fitness Experiment. She did an entire post about what her superhero power and it got me thinking, “If I was, indeed, Clark Kent, what kind of superhero am I?”

And so I pondered for a while. And pondered some more because thinking about what my superpower is is really challenging. But now I have decided that my power is the ability to be eerily accurate at guessing how long it will take to do something. When I used to work in food service I was really good at knowing exactly how long it took to prepare a dish when customers would ask me how long the wait was for their food. As a result, I am good at using every second of “down time” while doing one activity to complete a secondary task. I ♥ efficiency!

And of course, a silly picture! This is a dance move I learned with a friend in high school (aka forever ago) from the High School Musical dvd boardgame.

Gloves: Ugg via Nordstroms Rack (recent), White Button Down Shirt: Target (old), Llama Shirt: Delias (old), Skirt: Gap Outlet (recent), Tights: ?? (old), Shoes: Lucky Brand/gift (Recent).

Anyone else have a superpower? Mine’s not that exciting but Charlotte accidentally killed a mouse by screaming one time…now that’s freaking awesome! So what are you really awesome at?



2 responses to “Stripes: Clark Kent?

  1. Haha – I think your superpower is pretty darn amazing! If I could do that, I probably wouldn’t be late half as much as I am (which is pretty much all the time…hmm). So glad you enjoyed my post! Love your tee:)

    • oh em gee. Not going to lie, I definitely just had an epic fangirl moment! You’re my favorite, must-read-every-day blogger so this definitely just made my night. Thank you for commenting (coincidentally coinciding [I like alliteration almost as much as you do, I think that’s one of the many reasons why I enjoy reading you so much] with a lengthy reading assignment due tomorrow, so yay for a sudden burst of energy to get me through it)!

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